Friday, September 12, 2014

Celebrating the big 4 !

It all started with someone discussing a cooking hobby over the internet – introducing me to a blog… How excited I was when my first blog was put out there. I waited hours on end to hit the re-fresh button, waiting for some people out there to come and read, comment, criticize, slander, love what I write …! The journey started there… And then it has been a no looking back kind of a game. Each experience  amounting to a dash of frantic typing, hitting back space, re-typing and then editing, finding pictures, scouting for content which readers love.

The best kind of blog posts have been those which have been straight from the heart, ….The Cherry Eyed Sherpa I still remember writing this in one shot … and without editing putting it out there. I cannot imagine having to change any one of those words on the world wide web… I meant every word I have said. And then to get all those amounts of emails from all of you sharing similar stories and experiences makes me feel special, that I have a gift of words, which I should put to some greater good.

I was laughed at and ridiculed for obsessing over my blog… spending way too much time I could have used in maybe making some money, cause a blog is for the passionate, not for those who think money is the end goal of spending time on something. And then there are those out of the blue calls from a friend in the middle of the night telling you how she saw Wilderness as a reference for a post by someone in Australia !!! Like when did the 3rd world become an inspiration to the 1st world ??

Today, I am going to be short on words… today is about Thanking you all for reading, commenting, emailing, facebooking, twittering and all those modes of communicating and reaching out to me. Encouraging me to use my idle time and just writing !

Monday, September 8, 2014


Earlier this year I decided to stop drinking. I was never much of a drinker in the first place, That said, I still enjoy the act of having a festive “drink” when I’m out with friends celebrating something. So instead of drinking what everyone else is having, I have learned to ask bartenders about mocktails or anything they can make easily without adding alcohol. Those requests have led to some of the most deliciousdrinks I’ve ever had , so I decided to share some of my favorite non-alcoholic drink recipes for anyone looking to mix up something special for end-of-the-summer celebrations. Served in a punch bowl, these can be great drinks for anyone at a party (including younger guests) but you can easily dress them up in a fancy coupe with a garnish for older guests who want something that looks a little more sophisticated. I hope you’ll enjoy these drinks as much as I do! 
Image above: Chelsea Fuss’ Elderflower Drink is as summery as it gets. 
Click through for all of my favorite mocktails after the jump!
Lemon Thyme Lemonade: Helen from Tartlette shared a delicious recipe for a summer lemonade that gets an extra boost of flavor from fresh thyme.
Sarsaparilla Strawberry Float: I love a strawberry drink and this recipe from Anton Nocito is a fresh, summery spin on one of my favorite treats: an ice cream float. The post includes a recipe for a sauce you can add that uses alcohol, but you can easily leave it off for a non-alcoholic drink.
Almond Joy Milkshake: For those of you who want something a little more decadent, Top Chef’s Spike Mendelsohn shared his recipe for a rich Almond Joy-inspired milkshake. This would be a delicious way to end a backyard BBQ!
Kumquat Spritzer: The Kitchn created one of my favorite mocktails that uses kumquat to add a dash of super fresh, super citrus flavor.
Chai Blossom: I love the taste of chai any time of year. This recipe from Bon Appetit makes it a bit more summery by using chai tea bags, lemon and lime.
Strawberry Basil Soda: The Kitchn also created this refreshing strawberry basil soda that reminds me of being a little kid again. The flavors are sweet but not too sweet and the basil is a nice counterbalance to the fruit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


If the past decade of my life has taught me anything, it’s that ingenuity and cleverness—at least when it comes to the home—can go a long way. From making the most of a small space to using unusual materials in a new way, a clever idea can save you money, brighten your life, and make your living space feel like a home. 
Above: Looking for a quick way to get downstairs that also adds 100 points of fun to any space? Take a page from designer Alyn Carlson’s book and install a vintage fireman’s pole!
This post is brought to you by eBay, where you can score amazing finds for your home! Design*Sponge has created some collections of our favorite things on eBay and put together some fancy guides for everything from DIY projects to Weekend Entertaining ideas. Follow us on eBay for exclusive content right here!
Above: Rather than shelling out the big bucks for big built-ins, start a collection of vintage drawers. You can stack them on open shelving for easy, beautiful organization!
Above: Short on space? Follow Kay Wang’s lead and loft that bed!
Above: Highlight strange features in your home by adding a whimsical painted frame around them.
Above: Spruce up any bookshelf by adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside and inside of the shelves!
Above: Craft a charming and affordable display frame using box tops and ribbon.
Above: For an instant luxe look, paint a small space (like a bathroom) a dark color—you’ll be surprised at how much more spacious it looks!
Above: Craft a quick headboard using fabric stretched over plywood…
Above: …or try your hand at a fabulous hand-painted headboard!
Above: Tuck away unsightly clothing, boxes, and “stuff” by adding curtains to your bookshelves.
Above: Spruce up humdrum cabinets by painting the fronts and pulls in contrasting colors.
Above: Instead of adding paint to your walls, try removing it, leaving the plaster exposed. The result is a warm, timeless, effortlessly beautiful look.
Above: Create a communal, casual vibe in your dining room by opting for long benches instead of chairs.
Above: Make your library a little more cohesive looking (and protect your books!) by adding custom craft paper covers.
Bradley Hunter apt,
Above: Turn your favorite collection into a work of art by taking it off the shelf and onto the wall!

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Monday, August 4, 2014


I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little twinge of guilt when a wine bottle ends up in the recycling bin. It just seems like I should be finding a way to reuse such a functional object. And now that’s we’re fully into rosé season, I have a few more bottles than usual. Here are some of my favorite projects that use wine bottles as the core material. A few of these projects suggest a wine bottle cutting kit like this one (see Make’s How-to Video here) and if you decide to invest, you can turn all your bottles into something new for your home. Now, that my guilt is assuaged, I’ll take another glass of rosé! 
Image above: Turn your wine bottles into spectacular outdoor lighting. See our Wine Bottle Torch project here.
Image above: Bring the same technique for the wine bottle torch inside for a easy wall vase. 
Image above: All you need is a glass cutting kit to turn your wine bottles into candle holders. See the full project instructions here. (And you can use the other half for a vase like this!)

See more wine bottle projects after the jump!
Image above: Use your empty bottle to make someone’s day with this simple Message in a Bottle project.
Image above: For a more refined look, I’d love to see this wine bottle chandelier with all clear bottles. You need to be pretty confident in your bottle cutting skills (but you can use the top of the bottle for the candle holders above!)- see the full DIY here DIY Network.


Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
If living in Mumbai has taught me anything, it’s how to make room out of nothing. Matchbox-sized rooms; windowless, code-violating mezzanine/ ceilings; hallways with a kitchen at the end of them—you name the crummy, overpriced apartment living situation, and chances are, some Mumbaikar has braved it. There are numerous ways to make do with these rathole-sized abodes, but one of the most effective is as old as time itself: shelving. Yeah, I know. Like, duh. Still, although shelving might seem like the most obvious space-saving technique out there, once you break the concept down, the options (and ideas!) are seemingly endless. From crates lined with wallpaper and mounted to a wall to a revolutionary way of looking at magazine holders, we’ve got fifteen of our favorite and most beautiful shelving ideas to keep you—and your teenie apartment—organized and happy. What are your favorite space-saving shelving techniques? We’d love to hear them!
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
1. Turn wooden wine crates into decorative, wall-mounted shelves to display books and mementoes. 
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
2. Use pegs to create a creative storage space on a large, unused wall. 
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
3. Use rope to create a simple and effective shelving system. 
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
4. Vintage leather belts + salvaged wood = one snazzy storage solution! 
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
5. Turn a discarded drawer into a shelf/reading light. Perfect for reading nooks! 
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
6. Wooden pallets make for awesome shelving frames. 
Design*Sponge | 15 Brilliant Shelving Ideas
7. Next time you see some beautiful driftwood, take it home and turn it into a beautiful shelf! 
8. Shelves need not be symmetrical, or even fully horizontal! Use recycled wood to experiment with different shapes and sizes!
9. The spaces above windows and doors are often under-utilized. They make for great storage spaces! 
10. Mix mass-market brackets with recycled or salvaged wood for a lovely custom look. 
11. Create a custom framed shadow box to add some elegant flair to your storage. 
12. Craft a glamorous, deceptively simple shelf using beads and plexiglass.
13. Finding an attractive and functional way to store teas and coffee can be difficult. This DIY shelf is a perfect solution!
14. Vintage ladders are easy to come by at flea markets and make for stunning shelves. 
15. Transform a magazine organizer into a handy-dandy storage unit. 


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