Friday, April 23, 2010

Love under the Cherry Blossom

As I imagine your smiling face a petal fell from up above
I know that we’ll have something good
Its called beautiful endless love
I know someday we’ll be together
Underneath the Cherry Blossom Tree
All I ever want is for you to forever want me….

I went to Tokyo on my recent Industrial visit and must I say I was absolutely thrilled to see that city. Sitting gracefully in the heart of the city is the Imperial palace with its beautiful Cherry Blossom filled gardens. I have never been emotionally upto the level of appreciating nature at its best. I am a city girl with her fetish for bustling life and commerce around me. But standing amongst Cherry Blossom trees I couldn’t help but smile to myself for I finally understood why Bollywood has its famous saying “ Running around trees”. For as cheesy as it sounds to you today, there is Love under the Cherry Blossom Trees ! It is the Mistletoe of the East.

I don’t know whether it is my present state of mind, or whether Cherry Blosson won me over… I have fallen in love with these beautiful trees.

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