Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spa Home

I did not know certain places in the leg and the thigh area had muscles till they started hurting. All those Spinning Class PAINS I hope are leading to weight and FAT LOSS most importantly. So yesterday after I couldn’t walk, not even for that dear remote control –I had to beckon my Malish Wali Bai, in modern English language the masseuse. So while I lay naked in front of her, she battered and bruised my muscles some more. There are 2 things about this kind of massage.

1. The obvious embarrassment of lying naked in front of someone. Now this is no SPA. This is a home ! Lights cannot be dimmed. And she does not cover your assets with freshly baked linens and towels. This is full on Indian Style Tail Malish

2. What is it with Indian Style Malish Bai. She uses all her force to massage you – and this hurts even more than you tearing a muscle of two at the gym ! And not to mention her proud proclaim that this malish will tone your body up ! And it will help you reduce in inches. Of course one can reduce if put through such torture.

So I suffered for about 40 mins to be precise – this includes the changing time. After which I had to rush for a dear friends Wedding. And then I came across Donna Karan’s SPA home in the New Hamptons, New York. Now, who wouldn’t like A SPA HOME !! No more laying down on a thin chattai and getting the malish wali to do your massage, when you own a HOME which is actually a SPA. MONEY, DESIGN and LIFESTYLE always surpass all known and linger in the unknown when it comes to the rich and the famous.

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  1. Very nice flow.Good article
    Very nice flow.Good article
    Very nice flow.Good article



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