Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ribbon Animals

So, as promised... ill be back !! and here is my big bang series of post. First up , a little something uber creative .. small ribbon animals. You give a girl something so little gift wrapped with these cute ribbon animals on the top - it is sure to melt her heart right out !! so all the boys in the house - what is the present for the "V-Day" ?? I hope something with a ribbon animal on the top ;)

Hell I know i would be melting... ohh... btw... i have been at the receiving end of loads of surprises and gifts thanks to my very new relationship status !!! Ohhh, please now, do not write me off as a materialistic girl will u !!! I did the most random thing too - walked in and out of an electronic store with a big gizmo bag for Kunal.a.k.a. ..ladies and gentleman.. only for you.. "KUKI"

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