Monday, November 19, 2012

Turning 26 !

So my Happiest 26th Birthday weekend just went by. And in the true DD sense i had a fulfilled week of celebrations !!! Ofcourse it wasn't possible without a whole lot of love from my family... and the MAN in spotlight was my beau Kunal Shah... I am so so very amazed by how this person functions. Ofcourse he had the whole build up to my birthday... countdown... get together... dinner planned etc. 
It started with the Keys to my new Post-Wedding House !!!! Oh yeah... this is actually the very first time i own a key. The Keys of my mothers house are always in a secret location which we all use. So i am for the very first time responsible for my own KEY !!! Wooohoooo... !!

The Cake... I had 2 Cake wise celebrations. One was this fine print from my blog and the other one was a giant cupcake with a bag and camera with globe trotter written on it. How very appropriate wishes he made for me... 

Of course we cut the Wilderness at the stroke of Mid-night followed by a little poker session and a few drinks with some of my closest friends ! It was perfect. The next morning I woke up to a surprise. I was staring at 26 bouquets of Carnations with a note from him... yes 26 for the no of years this world has survived me ;) Carnations are my fav flowers..! They just give me a happy feeling..

Then we spent the better part of the day being pampered. We checked into MYRAH.. which is a day spa we had visited and loved a couple of months ago.. What fun it was. We were relaxed rejuvented and then headed for a late Sanchos Lunch. Mexican food and US have always been a winning combination.

After which my poor Kuks was stuck in a krux. All the gifts ordered by him were running a little late. At some point in the afternoon he was a little disappointed that he couldnt make it in time with no fault of his own. It was jus the universe conspiring against us.. He was exhausted with all the plotting and the planning. My sister in law Hiral who was helping him all along couldnt have been more apologetic for the delay.

We were on our way to Vapi when I found these amazing gifts all boxed and packed in the back seat of his car. The wait was all worth it. Every gift was so well though of... and reflected how much care and patience this man has... it makes me want to fall in love with him all over again. He is a little puppy waiting for me to open the bags all the way.

I got these book marks from my favourite book EAT PRAY LOVE... Such profound writing and what better day that to revisit them all. I can walk a 1000 miles of my life and still want to be reminded of them.

I found this Pen with my initials on them..

A set of 4 Wine Glasses with my name on it too.. to enjoy the fine wine and the amazing company Kunal has been... its been close to 11 months that I have known him and there has not been a moment of dullness or despair.

For a sweet dream sleep there were also these 2 pillows with my initials on it with pastel butterflies all over... Arent they so cute ??

A Lap tray with a pictue of Venice on it.. :)

And my fav gift of them all was saved for the last... a Travel Box. It contains pictures cards of the 206 countries of the world with a little space to scribble the notes at the back of each card. The box itself has 3 slots which says places visited, places not yet visited and places planning to be visited. The box itself is a master mind of my beau ..:)

My love... my life... Thank you for an amazing Birthday !! What do you think of all the gifts ?? 

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