Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Resolutions

Happy Earth Day everyone! It’s sunny in Mumbai today and the trees decided t oexplode with blooms and leaves this weekend. They’re the perfect reminder of how lucky we are to have the nature around each of us- and how important it is to take care of nature. To celebrate Earth Day I’m starting the day with the results of last year’s D*S  Instagram challenge winners... I know a bit too old, but some truths remain the same ! There were hundreds of submissions and in addition to being impressed with how beautiful they all were, I’m so inspired by all of the ideas people from all around the world shared with them for being a little greener. I hope you’ll find their green resolutions inspiring and perhaps try a few of them yourselves. 
Image above (Winner #1): Holly La Porte

Winner #2: Kelisenk

Winner #3: Sam

Image above: Amy Azzarito’s resolution

Image above: ChiliHui

Image above: Grace’s resolution
Image above: Max’s resolution.

Image above: Jazmine Bradley

Image above: Kelisenk

Image above: Marissa Hermanson

Image above: Pompadourpress Press

Image above: Pretzel Life

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