Friday, May 16, 2014


One of the perks of being married to someone who loves food is having an excuse to get out of the house more often and visit new restaurants and chefs. And this also adds to the list of restaurants not only in my city but also around the world. There started this incessant need to find crazy restaurant joints whereever we go, sometimes just putting them in a file of places to visit before I die...where I stumbled upon this very hot new restaurant that just opened up in downtown Manhattan called Navy. I checked Julia and her friend Cleo who  interviewed Navy’s chef, Top Chef alum Camille Becerra, the year before and were singing her praises loudly. I’d been seeing photos of the interior on a few photographers’ Instagram accounts and knew it was a place I had to see. 
 this restaurant is a photographer and design-lover’s dream.The restaurant (both in menu and aesthetics) has a maritime theme, with linen and sail canvas decorating the walls and brass rivets and canvas straps popping up in unexpected places. The blue and white boat-pattern tiles at the morning coffee bar are cute without trying too hard, but my favorite detail draws upon the boat theme in a more practical way:folding sinks.
Common on sailboats, folding sinks are something of a joy to behold (despite some styles looking a bit like a urinal). They are compact, fold up and down easily and make it simple to have a wider sink basin in a small space. Navy employs two – one in the photos here and one in the restroom. You can see it in action here on Grub Street.
The sinks are just one part of an incredible design story told in a relatively small space, so designers Akiva Elstein, Matt Abramcyk and Jeanette Dalrot deserve a huge round of applause for fitting so many fascinating (and beautiful) design details into this space. Bottom line? If you’re in NYC, Navy is a must-visit. The buzz has been building for a while, so call ahead and enjoy the view from your table and on your plate. 
[You can visit Navy online or at 137 Sullivan Street for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (212-­533-­1137)]

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Additional Design details (by Akiva Elstein, Matt Abramcyk & Jeanette Dalrot):
-Antique Japanese Indigos as curtains (doors and front windows)
-French linen and vintage military canvas cover the walls
-Leather straps hold wine bottles in place
-Custom work jackets for workers made of denim and linen (by Lady and Butler)

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