Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yellow Sunshine

If only yellow and sunny came with cool breeze... like Summers in London or spring in Belgium. I remember Magnolia trees blossoming around our neighbourhood when I was a student on exchange.... Mumbai sunshine has been radiant - blessing us with un-welcomed warmth and light a.k.a Heat Sweat and Grime... If only summer, sunshine and yellow looked like this in Mumbai !

Inspired by our recent golden rays, enjoy a few of my sunny Etsy Faves ....
  1. Felt Kitty Planter by The Yarn Kitchen
  2. Letterpress Print by Thimblepress
  3. Retro Bikini by Rellik Vintage
  4. Yellow Tablecloth by Dreamzzzzz
  5. 80's Sunglasses by Fivestones Vintage
  6. Happy Mail Sticker Set by Pink Olive
  7. Crochet Hair Bow by Plexida
  8. Vintage Linen Napkins by Olive Someday

Images via Happiness Is by Shannone Eileen

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