Monday, June 1, 2009

Driving by the memories...

Sometimes when I drive alone,
I think of what we have been through,
Our life was not easy,
Your’s came fully but my dreams partly came true...

Every little dreams we saw,
always revolved around us,
never thought all will be scattered,
never knew there would be another someone in our little bus!

It came as a sudden storm,
leaving me in complete pain.
nothing I could do to undo it,
crashing all my hopes in vain...

We always knew the day would come,
We had dreamt about our foursome day,
Never thought u’d be the first one,
While I’ll be still looking for Prince Charming so as to say

you said that you'll always be there,
in distress and in pain,
and when I needed us the most,
I no longer to you could complain.

I knew she had to be the focus,
And why not ! She deserved every bit of it
She brings out the best in you,
And her voice filled your air with love.

It was hard for me to be a corner,
While I always was the center,
I thought I’d become a loner,
Seeing her always so beautiful and perfect, and there

All I wanted was friendship,
And you gave me plentiful of that,
It’s hard to explain to people our relationship,
It wasn’t her that put me in despair.

Tears fill up my eyes,
still wandering in the streets where you taught me how to drive,
Those sunny days in my white car,
Those rainy days with coffee and conversations

now that we are busy in our away,
our life is never the same again,
only memories are left with me,
and a nostalgia of events completely insane...

My heart will always remain in our friendship,
Even though we spend days on end in our separate lives,
They say it takes 2 to do Salsa dancing,
This poem is to make sure DIRA is still very much on and happening !!!!


  1. Amazinggggg... Your poetry is more effective than prose dear!! Keep writing!! I feel sorry that you just started blogging this year!! :-O

  2. Thank you ! DIRA = DIsha + RAghuvir. Its a little arts and cafe shop that we have promised to open with our retirement fund. a Place we dont have to pay to drink coffee... where we can sit on hours on end and have our conversations abt the seperate lives we would be leading then. : )) Last time i checked, which was 4 days ago, the plan is still on



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