Friday, October 1, 2010

Best Friends !

Everything looked different... Where there was an open ground with wild grass growing was now converted into a fine garden, with beautiful landscapes and a jogging track on the periphery. There were swings and slides for little children. I remember falling there endless times and scratching my knee. She had picked me up several times while I attempted my hand at riding a bicycle.... I drove past it.. I passed the golla walla kaa stall. When we were little, he wheeled a cart into our neighbourhood each day. When my mother said no for Golla, it was her mother that gave us Rs 1. She hid me behind her while I ate it peacefully.

When my mother scream at me for not doing my homework and made me stand outside our door, her mother took me in and fed me. We played all day along... post 4 o clock, Moksha and I ruled the world of Vishwabharti Society. Our friendship was the envy of many a girls of our society. We broke apart only to go home and sleep. We often ate dinner together.

She held my back and I looked after hers. We shared a kitchen set – held endless tea parties behind out building. We even climbed the wall and made it our home playing house-house.

And all that came to a screeching halt when my father said, “Darling, Say goodbye to Moksha..!” I was told we were going to visit her every now and then. I was also told that we would be great friends all along... We moved, our lives got busier. We were all but 12 years old then. Time flew by... but our paths didn’t cross that often. She pursued Arts while I set about in Commerce and then Our paths never crossed – but every 1st October, on her birthday I called to wish her. Each time we would promise that we would make a plan and meet. Then 12th November would come – and she would be one of the first few people to wish me... it’s a shame we live at a distance of 3 kms and yet life of Mumbai City makes it impossible to catch up.

But this 1st October was different. It is her birthday. I decided to swing by her place. It was almost mid-day. I wasn’t sure if I could run into her – but I bought her a box of her favourite chocolate and reached her house. I was lucky. I got her just 10 minutes before she was leaving for work. She was ecstatic... we both hugged. Looking at her so happy .. I had tears in my eyes.... !!!

Years of growing up together flashed in front of my eyes. It was a happy moment. It was a moment that she and I are going to remember for the rest of our lives.... Best Friends know no distances, Best friends stand the true test of time...Here’s wishing my very first best friend in the whole wide world a Very Happy Birthday !!


  1. thank u sooooooooooo much swthrt...... this is d best bday gift i ever got. i luv u a lot. u made my day and again m saying U r my BDAY present. i m gonna keep u wid me forever.
    luv u loadsssss

  2. The leasure was all mine Moksha. It truly was an amazing Oct 1 !! Many more Birthdays to come like this present one.. mwaahhhh

  3. Touching, indeed it is, when you have such moments with friends...specially the one's separated by time and distance.

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