Friday, October 15, 2010

Killing my Inside..!

I thought you were forever and always,
But my heart knows you are long gone.
No longer are these like our joyous days,
There is no sunshine, Happiness and no more dawn.

Each day starts with a thought so positive,
But by mid- day everything is dwindling down.
And then I suddenly wish I were still naïve,
To not understand that you have left my town.

Never to come back, never to look back,
Leaving me to wonder what I did so wrong.
How could I have known what I lack,
To stop u from going so far long.

The fear of being alone is killing my inside,
For I had never imagined my world without you.
Will the waves, my hatred for what you have done hide,
I wish they finish everything, including me too.

Will a tomorrow come ever,
where I will learn to smile again.
For the sad today seems so constant and forever,
Today, it seems is moving in the slow lane.

I know I am abandoned by thyself,
Do you know what redundant, the feeling is ?
I cannot fight no more, I cannot shout for help,
I wish you good luck all your life with a gentle kiss.

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