Monday, May 28, 2012

100,000 LED lights float down the Sumida River

As part of the recent Tokyo Hotaru Festival, 100,000 illuminated blue LEDs were released in the Sumida River. The massive installation of solar-powered spheres was meant to mimic a swarm of fireflies that twisted and bobbed along the river by moonlight. For those of you worried about pollution or safety, the lights were later caught downstream by giant nets.


  1. This is one breathtaking scene that every one shouldn't miss. Is this the highlight of the festival? I envy you for being present there physically. I am pretty sure it is more beautiful to see this right in your own eyes. Thanks for sharing it to us!

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  2. wow, nice led lights in the water, looks like a new version of Aurora borealis in the water, I have seen this on our news regarding this one and its really cools especially when you see it above., thanks for sharing this one to us.

  3. those are are the stars in the ocean, such a beautiful lights thumbs up for making this one.



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