Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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I slide the alarm off on my phone each morning wishing I could sleep just a little bit more and snuggle to my beautiful Beau… While I am in Class I am missing important work phone calls as an assignment is being discussed. While I am at work, discussing strategies with the board, I am getting emails from the class CR with various articles to be read and considered while attempting to finish the million assignments we have been flooded with… When I get myself to do those assignments I glance at the calendar which is giving me a constant reminder of the looming cooking club day – where it’s my turn to surprise everyone with a fancy recipe ! When I am at that club I am reminded of the 400 odd pages that remain to be read in the next fortnight for my book club! Life as I have always known has gone back on FAST TRACK.. ! Count me on the list of people who officially write their own death !

I have never really been away from my blog of 5 years now, for so long. Each day I look at the dropping reader count in the stats page and think to myself – how can I let this happen ? Every few days a fan email and a bloggers’ group motivating me to write something.. even a little.. which serves as a constant reminder to keep up what I started as my Passion so many years ago ! Even through my wedding and honeymoon I had scheduled and planned all updates and never let the control of my life slip from within my fingers !
So I decided to take a few days off from work. I unwound, hit the spa, enjoyed a good weekend with my beau and friends and VOILA ! I didn’t do anything productive but I at least mustered the courage to take things under my control !
The Cooking Club… I made a Basil Pesto Chutney : http://notenoughcinnamon.com/2012/06/27/homemade-basil-pesto/
Homemade Basil Pesto

Of course it helped that this month at my Book Club we had an easy read .. May we be Forgiven by A. E. Homes. I am still struggling with the last couple of pages – but what the heck, I still have 3 more days before I can say I give up !

I also started working out – post marriage I got a bit too comfortable and also LAZY with my weight.. Friends around me started noticing the happy weight I was amassing, but it was that one look from my dear father and a not so happy word or two from my father in law that got me thinking.. and for the first time in many months the thinking was converted into ACTION ! It did tire me out busting my ass like that to begin with, but I know I feel a lot more energetic knowing that I am doing something.

The assignments have an additional burden with our Media and Law teacher emphasizing that we give our life and soul into 3 dramatic assignments, all out of the ordinary and outside the realms of a simple Google Search ! But I am finally seeing that no good comes out of extreme perfection and I need to stop taking 5 hours reading and re-reading and let loose over an assignment. Things have changed since the last time I went to college. Having said that I feel like I have aged beyond control … nothing like that. On the contrary – I have taken to some college ways of taking a de-tour for lip smacking goodies on the way back from college L Not so happy on the weighing scale – but in my defense I did run an extra mile that day.

Of course – a guest lecturer called Ms.Shraddha’s class changed a lot of things for me… She reminded me of my dream to be a Features writer someday. During her class, She was discussing a blogger from Chennai and was narrating one of his posts and how hilarious it was.. which got me thinking that once upon a time my blogs were discussed, even if it was just amongst a few friends and family. I decided to put the fingers on the laptop and there comes a passion to write. I haven’t lost it after all ! Do hell with the teacher who marked below AVG on my writing assignment. I love writing and someday the world will know me only for that.

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