Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Desk Set-up for this New Year !

3 Desk Setups for the New YearIf you are anything like me, then the physical environment in which you work often dictates the type of work you produce.  I don’t know what it is, but my office has to reflect a positive, bright and vibrant space, otherwise my work output suffers. So whenever I am setting up a new workspace, I make sure to consider three important features: 1. lighting, 2. surface, 3. tools.
In honor of a new year and a fresh start, I thought I would create and share my ideal desk set ups for three different aesthetics (rustic, minimal and quirky) in order to inspire some free flowing creativity in 2014. I’d love for you to share your favorite desk supplies and setups too!

Let’s all make 2014 a productive year in a space we love!
Vibrant/Quirky Desk Setup
The desk | The light | The tools: letter holder, $32, notebooks, $10, mechanical pencils, $9.95, floral mousepad, $8.55,calculator, $54, number paper clips, $2.99, ring USB, $50

Minimal Desk Setup
The desk | The light | The tools: tape holder, $12.55, colorful pots, $1.99 ea , pie chart post-its, $8, manual paper shredder, $45, perpetual calendarmouse pad, $35, mouse, $59.95

Rustic Desk Setup
The desk The light | The tools: stapler, $32, squirrel tape holder, $24, wooden USB, $45, bark colored pencils, $12,envelopes, $8, wooden mouse, $134, letter opener, $45

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