Thursday, January 23, 2014

Illustrious Thursdays : Hate Mails

Presenting a refreshing distraction to the current contemporary art scene, spectators alike will become quickly accustomed to Mr Bingo’s new illustration project Hate Mail. Like his name himself, London-based illustrator Mr Bingo is an alluring artist who uses his craft to provide a new form of comedic entertainment.

Having won £141 pounds in a bingo game, Mr Bingo’s everlasting love affair with doodling translated into his current occupation as an illustrator who integrates profanity between his audience and himself to cultivate a “wonderfully offensive” (The Huffington Post) masterpiece. ‘Hate Mail’ arose from a brief intoxicated stunt, which resulted in him replying a fellow tweet with a funny obscene message on the flip side of a postcard. From there, this practical joke merged into a successful project that has branched into the “400 Hate Mails” and now the release of his book “Hate Mail”.
The playful twist on the phrase “Hate Mail” has resonated with viewers alike and has put Mr Bingo on the map as one of the few artists who encompasses wit, satire and punctual delivery as a comedian on paper. Now in return for a small service fee, strangers will receive a perfectly acceptable offensive postcard from yours truly. As Noel Fielding perfectly put it, Mr Bingo is “gorgeous and funny! Like a Labrador dog doing stand up.”
for more information, visit & thanks to Huh Magazine for the tip!

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