Monday, February 10, 2014

Be Mine Party Time

As you all know, Valentines Day is coming... Wait! Before you roll your eyes at me for wasting time on an over-commercialized corporate pay-out... read on...
Whatever your thoughts are on this slightly obnoxious cheese-fest of a day, it's still a good excuse to get together with people you care about. Love is worthy of celebration, even if its only for your cats. But I'm going to assume you have some friends too... I'm all about positivity- and if you can dedicate a day to it, what's the harm? Perhaps you too can plan to get together with loved ones- even if it's just to complain about how silly the day is- just share it with people you care about. This year I'm helping my friends plan a Valentines party at their place and I'm not gonna lie- I'm pretty excited. Any excuse to decorate is a good excuse. I've been collecting images from all over to get inspired for their little shindig... And plan on getting creative enough to not have to give big corporate America my hard earned cash- because us crafty people get a kick out of throwing parties without throwing away our money on stuff we can make ourselves! Oh yaaaa.

4. Striped Cake  | 5.  Moustache Lollipops | 6. Lace Cookie Pattern

| 4. Hanging hearts | 5.  Cupcake Wrap Garland | 6. Book Garland  | 7. Poms
8-9. Strungs Heart | 10.  Heart Doorway | 11.  Sewn Decor  | 12. Photo Hearts

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