Tuesday, February 4, 2014

V-Day Gift Guide from Wilderness

When it comes to makeup, I’m a minimalist. When I have to pull it together, I turn to a few key products that I’ve relied on for years, but every now and then, I experiment with something new just to switch things up a bit. I’m always swayed by packaging, but I’m only loyal to the products that have worked consistently. So for today’s gift guide, I’m rounding up my favorite beauty products that I’ve tested and loved for a while now. Some I use daily, and others I save for special occasions, but they all do their job perfectly and would make a great V-Day gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays. If you’ve got someone with a love of beauty products on your list this year, I hope these will come in handy. If nothing else, try this lipstick — it’s literally the single best piece of makeup (universally flattering) I’ve ever owned. Well done, Ilia.
Image above: 1. Geranium and Vetiver Skin Stick, $34 | 2. Pantone Nail Trio, $18 | 3.Volumizing Mist, $32 | 4. Bobbi Brown Brush Set, $65 | 5. Rodin Lip Balm, $30 | 6.Arabian Nights Lipstick/Balm, $24 (best ever) | 7. Rose Gold Eyelash Curler $20 | 8.Josie Maran Argan Eyeshadow Kit (in purples), $36

Image above: 1. Metaphor Soaps, $9 each | 2. Glitter Minimergency Kit, $15 | 3.Geranium Leaf Body Balm, $33 | 4. Rosemary Body Oil, $76 (super decadent) | 5.Hindu Grass Perfume, $165 (I had a sample size of this, and it’s AMAZING.) | 6. Tulare Perfume by Olo, $45 (smells wonderfully orangey)

Image above: 1. Travel Size Hair Powders, $9.50 each | 2. Flower Power Rose Wipes, $2.50 (good for on-the-go cleaning) | 3. Ocean Mist, $28 (perfect beachy hair) | 4.Portland Apothecary Soaps, $9 each (desert is my fave) | 5. Glossy Styling Putty, $24 (great for short hair) | 6. Lip Softener, $16 | 7. Tokyomilk Dead Sexy Perfume, $30 (I’ve worn this every day for over a year. Seriously.) | 8. Gardenia Hand Soap, $20 (So good!)

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