Friday, September 12, 2014

Celebrating the big 4 !

It all started with someone discussing a cooking hobby over the internet – introducing me to a blog… How excited I was when my first blog was put out there. I waited hours on end to hit the re-fresh button, waiting for some people out there to come and read, comment, criticize, slander, love what I write …! The journey started there… And then it has been a no looking back kind of a game. Each experience  amounting to a dash of frantic typing, hitting back space, re-typing and then editing, finding pictures, scouting for content which readers love.

The best kind of blog posts have been those which have been straight from the heart, ….The Cherry Eyed Sherpa I still remember writing this in one shot … and without editing putting it out there. I cannot imagine having to change any one of those words on the world wide web… I meant every word I have said. And then to get all those amounts of emails from all of you sharing similar stories and experiences makes me feel special, that I have a gift of words, which I should put to some greater good.

I was laughed at and ridiculed for obsessing over my blog… spending way too much time I could have used in maybe making some money, cause a blog is for the passionate, not for those who think money is the end goal of spending time on something. And then there are those out of the blue calls from a friend in the middle of the night telling you how she saw Wilderness as a reference for a post by someone in Australia !!! Like when did the 3rd world become an inspiration to the 1st world ??

Today, I am going to be short on words… today is about Thanking you all for reading, commenting, emailing, facebooking, twittering and all those modes of communicating and reaching out to me. Encouraging me to use my idle time and just writing !


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  2. My wishes are with you. Please keep writing from heart not because of money. Then only you can write good blogs. Keep it up.

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