Monday, September 8, 2014


Earlier this year I decided to stop drinking. I was never much of a drinker in the first place, That said, I still enjoy the act of having a festive “drink” when I’m out with friends celebrating something. So instead of drinking what everyone else is having, I have learned to ask bartenders about mocktails or anything they can make easily without adding alcohol. Those requests have led to some of the most deliciousdrinks I’ve ever had , so I decided to share some of my favorite non-alcoholic drink recipes for anyone looking to mix up something special for end-of-the-summer celebrations. Served in a punch bowl, these can be great drinks for anyone at a party (including younger guests) but you can easily dress them up in a fancy coupe with a garnish for older guests who want something that looks a little more sophisticated. I hope you’ll enjoy these drinks as much as I do! 
Image above: Chelsea Fuss’ Elderflower Drink is as summery as it gets. 
Click through for all of my favorite mocktails after the jump!
Lemon Thyme Lemonade: Helen from Tartlette shared a delicious recipe for a summer lemonade that gets an extra boost of flavor from fresh thyme.
Sarsaparilla Strawberry Float: I love a strawberry drink and this recipe from Anton Nocito is a fresh, summery spin on one of my favorite treats: an ice cream float. The post includes a recipe for a sauce you can add that uses alcohol, but you can easily leave it off for a non-alcoholic drink.
Almond Joy Milkshake: For those of you who want something a little more decadent, Top Chef’s Spike Mendelsohn shared his recipe for a rich Almond Joy-inspired milkshake. This would be a delicious way to end a backyard BBQ!
Kumquat Spritzer: The Kitchn created one of my favorite mocktails that uses kumquat to add a dash of super fresh, super citrus flavor.
Chai Blossom: I love the taste of chai any time of year. This recipe from Bon Appetit makes it a bit more summery by using chai tea bags, lemon and lime.
Strawberry Basil Soda: The Kitchn also created this refreshing strawberry basil soda that reminds me of being a little kid again. The flavors are sweet but not too sweet and the basil is a nice counterbalance to the fruit.


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