Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From Shopping lists to App Carts !

I am a last minute kid. I studied last minute for exams… I wait for the very last day to fill out visa application forms .. I wait for the very last second before I absolutely need to get dressed for the day… And like all other things I waited for 15/05/2015 to happen to download the #MyntraApp ! I have been the last one to get onto technology ALWAYS. So today – at the very last minute, when I logged into the Myntra website for my Saturday routine.. I was told it has moved to greener pastures – I finally caved. I Went to the APP store, downloaded Myntra and now it is on my home page along with the others - WhatsApp, Facebook, Ola, Zomato, Photo Editor, Instagram and many more. I have joined the bandwagon.

Logging into apps is now just a few clicks to log u in… Immediately I hit on the sort and refine button to see if there were plus sizes available..I have always been a plus size kid – so shopping for me was disaster. With those nasty comments by the retailers, I hated going shopping to see the sheer disappointment in my mother’s face. Somewhere in between what I liked or loved to finding the correct size for me in the ladies department when I was only a child – I kind of  hoped that there was a magic wand I could wave – That I wouldn’t have to make all those disappointing trips between the trial room and the ever shrinking number of designs available as I grew not only in age but also size.

It’s not that I am ashamed of my body weight… I am very much confident under my skin. But if fashion has progressed – I am happy that it is empowering me. I salute companies like #Myntra who have made the big move to an app … Big, pun intended. I cannot even begin to imagine what a relief it is to put those filters of size and colour to sort out through the crazy big collection that they have. I mean if only the actual retail store had that filtration process, it would have scared me lesser. And all this, without wasting my actual time – TIME is always shrinking when you are in my line of business !

I also always wished there was someone who would just put together a wardrobe for me. When I first heard about a profession called a STYLIST, I secretly decided that if I became rich, I will hire one to put together looks and details for me. Now, my mother may call this whole putting together a “LOOK” fraud ! But I say #Myntra you are my #bff. It’s like I am 15 all over again discussing over my fancy new mobile phone on what to wear to college with a friend – she would know my entire wardrobe. I still reach out to my phone – only to pull together something without all that mindless chatter.

So here I am spending a better part of my Saturday afternoon sipping coffee snuggled up on my sofa with my phone... what started off as a little breather has just made my weekend shopping bright. What would take me an eternity, toiling in and out of the crazy bandra shops for the junk followed by an evening at Palladium for the funk, I wrapped up the rhapsody and used the time to enjoy doing NOTHING ! Happy Weekend Cheer and Beer to everyone ! 

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