Thursday, May 21, 2015



Friends, I consider myself lucky because I am spiritual. And because i know there is a god above me, I feel I am in a happier space. Using the definition of spirituality as an inner belief system that a person relis on for strength and comfort, it makes perfect sense. 

University of British Columbia study found that children are happier when they feel that their lives have meaning and value. Numerous other studies, many conducted by agnostics, have also demonstrated a close link between spirituality and happiness. A strong internal life purpose enhances our wellbeing.

I am grateful my mother led me down a loving spiritual path while I was young. Ofcourse in India spirituality and religion are often confused, inter changed and used as per convenience. But over the years I have understood that her taking me to a religous meet was not to force me to choose a path led by religious leaders. It was infact encouraging me to question the world, think for myself, and believe what feels true to me. 

This morning I decided to drive my husband, Kunal to work... a few kilometers down the road is a beautiful Jain temple with a wishing tree. I BELIEVE in wishes, I BELIEVE in asking GOD for everything. We are his children and he will deliver. And so I dropped him off and took a solo trip to Shahapur Derasar. The sun was scorching and my feet were burning from the time I took my shoes off and went into the temple... but inside was bliss. They say when you meditate in a room long enough it is scientifically proven to become cooler than the other rooms !! #TrueStory

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Does it make me a happier person? I think so. It's this connection to a higher power, something greater than myself, that allows me to feel confident and secure with my place on this earth.

What do you think? Do you consider yourself spiritual? If so, does it positively affect your mindset? If not, in what other ways do you fill that space? Leave your comments below - I'd love to know!

The only answer to our [unhappiness] is a pleasure which comes not from the body but from a place deep within us.
- Philospher: Al-Ghazali

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