Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FunFair and an Affair to remember

A Chance encounter with an old classmate at a coffee shop transported me to the Anand Mela of school days. He was my childhood crush ! So much so that I believed him, when he asked me to go to the fair with him. He was cute, he was charming, he was a talker. But above all he was manipulative. When I think about it today – I admire his guts for asking 3 girls out when he was all but 13 years old. He started young. Even yesterday it seemed from far off from the same situation of a decade ago - that he was arguing about the other girl in his life with what looked like his girl friend.

It was strange to see him there – while I was sitting alone. Rejoicing my achievement of yesterday for having found myself on www.blogchai.com . things have changed so much, what seemed like a day when the earth had shattered looking at him holding the other girls hand beside the moon-walker and buying her cupcakes is now a day whose memory makes me laugh. At that point in time I he was the apple of every girl’s eye of our class. He was not only good looking, but was intelligent and witty. A Lethal combination. And I had fallen for him.

While I waited patiently for the girls to arrive, I couldn’t help but wonder of the many things that seemed to important only months ago and have today lost their importance all together. I had a few depressing days this month – and to get over them, seemed impossible. But to relive the contrast of my crying face in the happy fair made me realise that stressing over something or someone is not worth the exercise.

Today… My life is enviable to most people around me… And yet I am always striving for something unachievable. I am known for setting unrealistic goals and marching towards them blindly – like the hottest boy of my class – when I was a bespectacled fat girl of my class… wanting to achieve the status of a writer of a series of books with Harper Collins or Penguin or their likes – when I can enjoy being a blogger for the moment… !! Today is a PARADIGM SHIFT. Tomorrow onwards will be beautiful.

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