Monday, December 6, 2010

Beyond Walls , By Lina Jaros

Photographer Stylist Lina Jaros's new series called "Beyond Walls" has lived upto her unmatchable design standards. she manages to create yet again a scene out of my imagination. Of when I was little and would set up my doll house and play "House house." I would use my tea cups and host high tea, make dinners effortlessly for everyone in the house !!

she goes onto to say ." Using photography as an instrument I explore the psychology connected to ambiguity, and the circumstances under which we doubt an environment and its content, or categorize it as strange or incomprehensible.

Through environmental distortions of everyday surroundings I challenge the ordinary, natural or authentic. I take interest in the illusory and appearances of objects, and search for a condition when interiors gets separated from their traditional representations, and leave room for a new interpretation and evaluation of familiar space. " Check out the Beyond the Walls Series.. !

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