Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recycle your Blood !

One phone call, it just takes one phone call from a friend in need. And that’s it. You go there no matter what. And not matter for what ! I was on my way to the office and took a little detour and went to Nanavati Hospital. A friend’s cousin aunt needed to replace blood. Many were called, many were scared, many made “I faint at the sight of blood” stories. It was pretty terrible to know that some people didn’t come since they had doped the previous night or were high on alcohol a few days ago. It makes you wonder where is our world headed ??

The BLOOD BANK might look like the scariest place to enter – but really it was just a tiny simple room with 5 posters – all promoting donate blood ! Recycle yourself ! only 350ml, and you can save 4 lives ! Interesting enough – when all people can think of these days is bloodshed ! Do they even know how difficult it is to replace blood ??

A very extremely friend staff waits long hours in the bank encouraging people to donate. Calming them down. And even answering the same questions to every person that walks into the room – but with a smile. The warmth bowled me over.

So, here is what happened – those of you scared please read to know, nothing, not even remotely anything gets affected. A small prick to check haemoglobin and blood type test later, it was determined that one can be a donor or not. The friendly staff lets you sleep in an air conditioned room. They even make you comfortable and give you a blanket to feel cosy. They give you a stress ball with which you keep flexing your muscles.

The actual prick which is attached to a tube, which in turn is attached to a plastic bag to fill the blood doesn’t feel anywhere close to what it looks like. In fact its lesser of a prick than those lab tests you do ! The bag has a chemical which is an anti-clot, Which slowly mixes with the blood. The bag itself is on a moving lever – to prevent it from clotting.

And that’s it. By the time you actually make conversation with the doctor and ask all your queries about blood and blood donating, you are DONE !

Did you know, blood can only stay in the bank for 35 days ?? So the bank needs to be replenished all the time ! There are so many people who cannot donate blood because of the lifestyles we lead – but those of you who can – and the only thing between you and actually donating the blood is the FRIGHT – then I hope you overcome it. You can save 4 lives with 350 ml of your blood.

The blood which is pumped out will be automatically replaced by your heart within 24 hours – this is actually recycling yourself !! This is a brilliant opportunity to walk into your nearest blood bank every 4 months and recycle your blood and help save lives.

And if not for anything else, the blood bank gives you a sweet dose of Mango Fruity at the end of your heroic gesture...and a warm thank-you by the staff and the person who you donate blood to will be indebted to you for life – will all make the small prick 3 times a year all worth it !!

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  1. thats a really nice thing to do... kudos... sharing it on my Facebook page (hoping u dont mind)...



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