Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Secret for the last decade

The last time a whole decade passed in 1990 – 2000 – i pretty much didn’t care that the decade was over ! It also meant i was just passing each school year– one after the other. I didn’t really care to sit back and think what that decade meant for me. But in all consciousness, today , i can say, this last decade from 2000 – 2010 has been eventful. Now hang on – eventful can be good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Yes ! These years have been a complete roller coaster. And I am pretty much sure the coming decade and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that – and I hope I have none after that !! I wish for a small happy healthy life – however, that’s not the point – the coming years are not going to be half as eventful as this last one was. For starters – I went from being a rude, strong minded, outgoing teenager, to a strong headed and yet diplomatic adult. Well, some may beg to differ – but what the hell ! I like to believe Life threw melons at me – and I learnt to make a Gin and Tonic with it : ))

So, I owe this decade a round of applause. Not that I am sorted in my ways of life. Each new day i surprise myself and the people around me. This is what keeps life complicated and eventful ! So, today i have come to a conclusion – Simple and uncomplicated life might be good for the others – they might want to lead a life of peace – but what’s the fun ? Can you believe it – I passed a decade trying to find a balance – wherein I am neither too happy not too sad... But at the onset of a very fine new year – my thoughts are different. I want each day to be a struggle – I want to be an achiever at the end of the day – i want life to be a challenge – I want to strive to achieve excellence. Ofcourse I know I will bitch about the hardships that come my way. But the point is – I love the feeling of success. And that can only come to a person with very low rate of being called a stable person ! Yes Folks – it might not make sense – but this is MOI !

Each new day when I do something new for instance – I find it compelling to write about it – to blog about it. And then there are days like these days in December – when I am knee deep in social engagements and struggle to come up with something for my blog and find time to eat Pani Puri at my favourite Pani Puri walla – and an old friend from kinder garden walks by and appreciates my blogs – That is it. It makes every sleepy moment after a hard day at work worth it – when I strive to come up with something interesting for my readers. It is no JOB FOR ME ! It is a matter of the heart, it is my passion ! And hence, I am going to enjoy the process too. The process of going through everything – thats my New Decades Resolution. Not complain about the ups and downs – but enjoy the process !!

This also holds true to the classic New Decades Resolution – To Loose weight. I am a whinner when it comes to gym and excercises. My lasy bones refuse to work out – but I am going to stop complaining and get going !! Enjoy the pain, enjoy the sweat, enjoy the thrill of lifting weights, enjoy stepping upto another plate ! I am going to keep you posted on how that is going !!

Ofcourse the key to the last decade was finding the SECRET – literarily and philosophically. The book, THE SECRET holds a good SECRET. I just wish I am going to carry THE SECRET into the next decade to see it beautifully unfolding before my eyes. And before we all know it, like this decade another beautiful decade is going to swoop in and we will find ourselves appreciating GOD for his creation !

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