Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Love !

So I got the much awaited call this morning. I knew it was coming. But i did not know it would be so fast. Winter Love I tell u !! My Best Friend – im not naming which one ( I have to keep this secret !) is getting married... I am ecstatic. We pretty much grew up together. We spent so much time together... and we discussed all the time - what our partners would be like. And my friend’s partner fits the description exactly. WORD FOR WORD
We all grow up making a list of the perfect partner. The last person I dated was completely opposite to that LIST .. no regrets – it helps you find out what you really want, really !! Which also makes me wonder – Does you partner/ spouse fit that bill ?? Now, not the one which you re-structured to accommodate him / her – i’m talking about the one you made when you first got to know what LOVE is... ! Or are you still trying to figure out what to put on the list ?? What do you think should be on this list anyway ??

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