Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Fighting Spirit

So imagine diving straight into something and not knowing what you are getting into – and half way in you meet the demon ! Has that ever happened to you ? I got into a friendship – and i think straight from my heart – till the demon confronted me 5 months ago ! Yes – its been 5 months since i have been in deep waters struggling to keep my head above the ground. And last night I had the sinking feeling – which is not the first time I have felt this in 5 months – But I was stuck long enuf in the deep shit to realise this is not me !! When did I learn to Give up ?? People around me know to have the fighters spirit... !!

It’s when i saw these amazing China that I realised what i am going through – like this tea cup – inorder to know the entire demon – you just need to sip the entire tea to get to the bottom of everything !! So i did – and I found out – the foundations of this friendship is WEAK. And I have 2 ways out of here. I either get out of it completely – or fight for myself. I am a fighter – but my friend doesn’t want to be my friend anymore... and so I quit this friendship. Because in the end you will not remember the harsh words of an enemy , but remember the silences of a friend !!

Have you ever run away from a friendship ?

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