Friday, January 7, 2011

Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellers...
In 2009 – I was told by sept 2009 I would be married ! Could u imagine me at 22 being married ? Ofcourse I would have loved to have a boy friend, but certainly not be married !! Then sometime in sept 2009 – a tarot reader told me beginning November is my 9th year and its going to be raising hell for me !! And it has come partially true... And then some other tarot reader told me .. im not gng to be friends with one of my best friends.. and true to the word – we r rocking so hard on a boat that turned over last night on a rough patch !!

Do you believe in fortune telling ??

In Tokyo – my friends and I went to this Shinto Shrine called the Sensouji temple – wherein we had to pick up these fortune sticks from a box full of them. Then we had to locate a box with the corresponsding number on it. When we open the drawer from the hundreds on there – we can pull out a piece of paper which would have our fortune written on it.. !!

Ranging from "Daikichi (excellent luck)" to "Daikyo (great misfortune)," and gives advice about specific subjects, such as heath, marriage, travel, business and study. In ancient times, Japanese often used lotteries to learn God's will on important matters of national politics and festivals, and the current style of Omikuji is said to have originated 900 years ago. Nowadays, most of people draw Omikuji just for fun.

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