Monday, February 21, 2011

Stylish Blog Award !

I opened by blog to see a lovely surprise in my Comment Section this morning !! It is one thing to know that you are passionate and give your 100% to something. But its a whole new feeling to be acknowledged .. I have been regularly pulled up for my blog - and up until right now - thank GOD it has been for all positive feedback and comments !! But today i want to thank Sneha - of for being a regular reader.

She has won the most stylish Pass on award, and has bestowed the honour now on me !!

Having enjoyed it and posted it on my Facebook as an accomplishment - I would now like to bestow this award on :
She is my inspiration ! She is my regular read...!! Enjoy both our blogs with a twist !


  1. Congrats... and believe me your blog truly deserves it... even my blog got one recently..

  2. Hi Disha,
    I came across your blog on Indiblogger!...and I must say, it truly stylish!!absolutely different




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