Friday, March 4, 2011

Childhood Sweethearts ... a Mystery !

This Blog can be about you, this blog can be of any other Indian girl or boy waiting to get married. When I was younger I was convinced I would marry the boy who I was sitting to in Junior KG.. He was sweet, and he let me finish his energy milk bottle in the break. Then the hormones grew and I guess he understood a little bit about short skirts and I understood a little bit about Naught boys and then I left the idea.

Somewhere Grade 6 or 7 started the obsession for the hottest boy / girl. and so, even though there is nothign attractive about you - you believe in fairytale - you believe you are the cinderella or you are the beast of beauty and the beast and your time will come -- only to find our you ran out of time.

Only to find out you are thrown out of the cucoon you had been living in and are now in Junior College !!! You make desperate attempts to change the image you have been typecasted into - and then you try to find someone. Only to find that the other person is not really a person - but just a facade. Inside he or she is also trying desperately to be someone else. A someone he or she is running away from !!!

And then comes university. Where you try to drill it into you brains that it is not all about the good looks or the great body. It is about the heart ! And then you realise - your heart makes compromises it never should - in matters of love. And the other heart you are seeking is also makign constantly these compromises -- !! Which sucks. Cause now - you are so used to being another person - that one day your bubble breaks and you realise this is IT. I cannot be another person.

By then you are stuck in a 10 x 10 office space, making tons of money, being featured in a business magazine, speaking at conventions - only to be Alone at night - with no sweet nothings , and those amazing silences where you understand what he is sayign and he understands what you are saying only by a small touch, or a gentle kiss... !!

So now - you, THE WORLD, and everybody out there reading - tell me... how does this work ?? How do childhood sweethearts sail through this rock path called changing life .. !! Or has the world changed so much that Childhood Sweetheart as a concept does not exist now ??

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