Friday, March 4, 2011

The Love Stairway

My close friend Raghuvir has found his love Stairway... Each one of us finds it in our heart to climb these difficult stairways -- to see a relationship grow. You always want these stairways to take you to a higher place - to a better space. Where nothing or no one can touch your relationship. I am not a pessimist. But I am yet to find my stairway -- that looks like this. To climb with Mr Charming - someone who will find pleasure in loosing against me in a game of choppat... Someone who I would want to loose my everything for. I am a romantic from within. Someone who will be able to see this. Someone who will know that behind all my toughness is that person who loves to be cared for. That someone will also have my 100 percent... Are you the one ? Will you come find me please ?

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