Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Mr Right !

Dear Mr Right !
I have finally taken it on myself to find you.. ! Not that I wasn’t. But I said to myself, enough of this passive wishing. I need to be more active. When I find you – You will have to hear me out patiently. And also have to take my 100 taunts of where were you ? what took you so long ? why didn’t you come earlier ?? ... There was too much pressure building around me. My parents think its time we come find you – the others around me also – cannot wait until Didi has found her Mr right. So before going to Gujarat I signed up for .

Let me tell you a little about it. They asked me to fill out this entire form. Now , one would think it would be a couple of pages – but I had to fill out some random 16ish pages with every gory detail from the time of my birth up until today. They asked me all about you too.... I’ve written everything about you.. For eg. I have specified you height, your weight, your profession, the area’s you can live in, the number of rooms you must have, the cars you must drive, the hobbies you must have, the level of religiousness you and your family must share... Oh and of course – the money you make.. LOL!
All that effort was not worth it. Of course I had a couple of people who matched your profile. Some with a broken leg, or less income, or in non-specified area, or a manglik situation, or a dysfunctional family, or not as smart as you. No one came even close to you !

So, today i am writing to you, telling you that I am waiting in one of the hidden pages of this bloody matrimonial site. If you FIT THE BILL then ping me... call me... email me... find me... ! OKAY ??

Chal, Ill even cut you a deal... You make the place you first take me on a date look like the below mentioned picture – and I will not ask you too many questions about your whereabouts... or atleast so i will try !! Now common... GRAB THE OFFER !!

Ever Mine, Ever Thine, Always Yours,




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