Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggs

The one thing I miss about being in Belgium is the FOOD and DESERT my 3rd Host Mother Marie Theresse Robert cooked. I remember waking up on Sunday’s to the aromas of an apple pie in the over, or some fresh goat cheese being marinated in a herb sauce or some bread and cheese from the Sunday market. It was about experiencing Europe of the 1940’s ! It was soulful.
When i was living there – it was precisely EASTER. There were hidden all around the house Easter Eggs made of different types of chocolates and different fillings that Easter morning !! I went around the house finding them. And the best part was I could crack open and egg and begin eating without having to share it with anyone else... !! The joys of being the only child in the house. By the way I grew up in a house full of naughty kids – so I learnt to share everything... but as i said , for once it was amazing to not share and jus enjoy... # BEING SELFISHCOMESEASY !

Check out my host mothers secret EASTER EGGS !!!

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