Monday, April 9, 2012

Flowers For Men?

Ah, April. The month of summer-love. Fresh Rs 20 farmers market flowers are always a winner in my book, on a tangent - only until a few weeks ago I blatantly refused liking receiving flowers. I've never given Kuki flowers before, so I wonder if he'll appreciate them. Ladies, do you give your man flowers? Gentlemen, do you enjoy receiving flowers?

Thankfully, the folks at KaBloom have put together a handy little guide to gifting the perfect man bouquet...

For: The Guy’s Guy
Pluck this: Fuji Mum or Blue Orchid
What it says: “You’re lively, fun, and easy to be around.”

For: The Party Boy
Pluck this: Orange Gerbera Daisy
What it says: “I like to have a good time – and you’re the first one I call to start the party!”

For: The Bad Boy
Pluck this: Orange Lily
What it says: “I’m not sure where this is going, but you have my attention.”

For: The Strong, Silent Type
Pluck this: Ginger
What it says: “You’re individualistic and strong, and I just can’t get enough.”


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