Monday, April 30, 2012

Wine Chiller Table

If you have known me for DONKEYs years... you would know what my FAVOURITE cuisine is... For if I have not yet made it that obvious it is ITALIAN... That with a glass of chilled white wine on the outdoor patio of a Winery in the South of France is what my dream holiday comprises of. Of course with a new wine world in emerging Australia, South Africa and California.. with similar sunshine + Breeze Condition.. they can also easily become my DREAM Holiday Locales !!!
And so, on a hot summery afternoon when i am trying to finish off all the work load and I come across this wine Chiller Table - i am quite easily transported to my 7th heaven. Ofcourse I now have Kunal Shah to share this dream with.. Only problem is that Mr Shah hates sunshine... and fancies the COLD and the Mountains !!! I can see how our vacation sweet spots are going to always vary depending on who gets the upper hand in deciding holiday destinations ; )

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