Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 : Cards and Gift Wraps

This is a ritual I am never going to give up ! I write post cards from everywhere I go and I send out greeting cards to every one near and dear for Chirstmas New Year.. I am known for following it through for the last 10 years and I am going to keep up with it for as long as I can read and write... There is something about opening letters and enjoyign the crispness of the paper , unfolding it and reading in hand written notes - and this feeling has been described as amazing by most of my receipents. So... This weekend I am going to have to send out my cards as far as Brazil and as near as Santacruz...Do you receive a post card ?? 
When picking out gifts for the holidays, it’s sometimes easy to forget that small things can count the most. A beautiful greeting card that comes unexpectedly in the mail or a thoughtfully wrapped present can say light-years more than a hastily chosen gift that will be discarded by year’s end. Although they may be tiny, these small mementoes warm the heart and create fond memories. We’ve combed the internet for some of the best card and gift wrap designs, items that are sure to invoke cheer in anybody who receives them. 
Featured above: 1. Aluminum Tree Letterpress Card, $5 | 2. Season’s Greetings Letterpress Cards, $16 for a set of 6 | 3. Merry Christmas Letterpress Card, $4 | 4.Wooden Cards, $20 for a set of 4 | 5. Happy Hanukkah Letterpress Card, $16 for a set of 6 | 6. Merry Christmas Letterpress Card, $14 for a set of 6 | 7. Embroidered Bear Card, $24
More cards and gift wrap after the jump!

1. Happy Holidays Silkscreened Card, $5 | 2. Pine Branch Card, $13.50 for a set of 10 | 3. Cozy Christmas Card, $4.50 | 4. Wreath Holidays Card, $24 for a set of 6 | 5.Evergreen Letterpress Cards, $28 for a set of 8 | 6. Balloons New Year Card, $3.50 | 7.Merry Christmas Letterpress Card, $6 | 8. Antlers Notecard, $6

1. Barn Owl Gift Wrap, £6 | 2. Hedgehog Gift Wrap, $2.50 | 3. Peony Gift Wrap, $8.50 | 4. “Favorite Things” Gift Wrap, $8.50 | 5. Gumdrops Gift Wrap, $3.50 | 6. Pine Branch Gift Wrap, $2.50 | 7. Rosette Gift Wrap, $2.50 | 8. Forest Animal Gift Wrap, contact seller for pricing | 9. Numbers Gift Wrap, $5 | 10. Pink Reversible Gift Wrap, $8 | 11. Constellation Fabric Gift Wrap, $31.50

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