Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dads are the Original Hipsters !!!

Your dad was a rebel first. He wasn’t no soc, his shirts weren’t emblazoned with the marks of privilege.The other side of the tracks were his right side of them. And on that side of the tracks he built his first car.

It was fast, scary and lose (looking back, maybe he shouldn’t have crafted it after your mom.) He raced, smoked, crashed and re-build that car. The police knew him by name, make and model.

However you’re not a rebel. Your dad rebelled against the system, used the skills he learned building that car and made millions doing it. He gave you a trust fund, pays for your thrift store shopping sprees and puts the ramen in your cabinets. You’re faking a rebellion hipsters. If you think about it, you’re rebellion against a rebel, which makes you mainstream. Guess you just lost your hipster status, sorry.

Your Dad traveled the world with his mate and lived on less than a dollar backpacking equivalent before you did.

You dad played hard core video games before you did !

Your dad tried all the alcohol from all around the world before you did !

Your dad wore really short shorts and can be proven by the tan line really close to his hips before you did !

Your dad rode the subway of any city in the world before you did !

You dad owned a pair of big headphones before you did !

You dad danced at a weird all night part at a random persons house before you did !

Your dad read comics before you did !

Your dad smoked different things way before you did !

and lastly, your dad drove the mean machine before you did.. !!

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