Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mumbai Indians v/s Kolkata Knight Riders !

CRICKET UNITES AND DIVIDES INDIA ! We have witnessed so the day India Won the WORLD – CUP... and now when the IPL matches are on ! It was a celebration galore that day, not only in Mumbai, but also amongst Indians all around the world – to see DHONI and his BOYS lift the world cup. Such is the power of Indian Cricketing fans. They celebrate when a TEAM wins, they mourn when their TEAM looses. In the 90’s, If we thought nothing can take away the spot light from Shah Rukh Khan away... The loss of KKR against INDIA witnessed something new – As a nation we may have loved him, but nothing becomes bigger than CRICKET, not even Rajnikant !

And ofcourse – When the GOD himself plays in Mumbai Indians – It is a must watch ! It was decided may weeks in advance that “Hunny” as we fondly called Hassnein, would buy the tickets. After a round of Me + 3 ... Oh actually its ME + 2 only now... Its only ME and Oh, now I want another 5 tickets, the number was 25 of US !! It doesn’t get better than watching the match with a bunch of people together - doesn’t matter whether it is at a modern sports BAR or sitting on the floor with cushions thrown around. But watching it in WANKHEDE, for real – the experience is unparalleled.
So it doesn’t matter if you have to leave work way in advance at about 5ish to make it to the 8 o clock game. It also doesn’t deter you that the SUN is not even negotiation with the cool Westerly winds of the Arabian Sea come in between – Match Goers will fight all odds to make it to the ELIMINATOR !!

Now, watching a match is not just buying a ticket and finding yourself to that seat. It’s about the whole build up ! You walk miles – just after you have found parking – Ofcourse the Mumbai cha Police has assisted you supposedly by making every other lane you h ad mentally thought you would park in ‘a one way’. And you think it is walk able distance – but you only realise that it is quite something when you are returning back. Ofcourse, you even pay Rs 100 for the pay and park – and you know it’s a rip-off, but you go for it anyway, cause there is no time to discuss the right of a citizen just then. Then you run into thousand people who are walking the other way – and you ask 10 people and confirm if GATE 5 – NORTH STAND is actually the way the previous person showed you.

Ofcourse, on the way – you get the TRI-COLOUR painted on your face, you even buy the Vouvouzella, the jersery of the team you are supporting... giving enough business to every other person trying to make a quick buck, thanks to cricket ! You end up paying Rs 500 for something on most days you wouldn’t care less about. Like the FLAG, I have been to so many games, and each time I want it for the next game it has disappeared from my cupboard, means more money is spent on merchandising!
But all this is worth an Investment to see KKR loose 3 wickets in less than 5 overs ! And somewhere down the line when the match gets too slow – you begin to wish that KKR makes atleast a score of 160, just so that you don’t have to pack up and leave within 3 hours of actually getting there. Everybody wants a target that is chaseable but seems like a feat to achieve – if you know what I mean.

Ofcourse, everything is enjoyed with refreshments ! With so many dishes, you are spoilt for choice. But I am yet to find quality food at a big game, like I did in Madison Sqaure Garden in New York City... When I went there once to watch a Lakers game and then to watch my favourite band – GREEN Day play ! Ahh... the joys of organised events ground is something else. But none the less – everything is enjoyeable.
And so – I enjoyed every minute of MI beating the shit out of KKR... !!! Too bad – Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t in the stadium – I would have given him a piece of my mind then... LOL. But what sold me is the MEXICAN Wave – its a wonder why it is called so – but the entire cricket stadium taking part in this wave is something.

Eventually, the match got to an interesting turn... when Mumbai lost. The sissy Rohit Sharma sobbed around for a bit.. Pollard tried but it wasn’t his day. 2 other people who I have no idea where they came from or their track record ... but BHAJJI is the MAN.. !! He finished the match in style – leaving some purple sour grapes in the stadium... while the people in blue chilled out !!!

The walk back to the car seemed like a feat – nothing beats the invention called AIR –CONDITIONING in a CAR... God Bless that soul who did so. Ofcourse, the drive back to Juhu was animated with each one discussing the game followed by the best sleep dreams ever !

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