Saturday, May 14, 2011

Potted on a Budget

budget. i hate that word. my financial methodology is more along the lines of “try to be sensible and then hope for the best.” i’m not a planner by any means. i don’t, for instance, make lists when i go to the grocery store (that’s why all those tins of stuffed olives keep cropping up in the fridge.) but, i do keep the financial lessons learnt from my parents fresh in my mind –
i am a bit obsessed with the idea of indoor plants right now. But my mother hates a mess... if you step inside my house - its spacious, for 3/ 5 of us believe in minimalistic living. Ofcourse the other 2 would be my sister - a junk collector and my brother who just happens to find a place for everything outside rather than folding and neatly putting them away inside... anyone have tips for venturing into this territory? nice plants that won’t die too easily… succulents? i do love the look of them, but also don’t want our place to look like a desert garden conservatory. Also being Jain - my mother is strictly against bonsai - which stunts the growth of a normal plant -- also we do get an awful lot of sunlight in most of the flat but unfortunately there are always those crows and pigeons trying to eat their way in..., so i think our future plants would have to be okay with that.and the whole point of telling you about the budget was - she does not want me to buy those plastic pots - she thinks those are expensive - so... Im looking for other ways !!



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