Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prithvi (Nenu) Doshi

Dear Nenu,

You will someday be able to read these sentences and make out that your Dia Masi is a sweetheart : )) She cracked open a bottle of champagne in her head the day she came to know that you have been formed. The details of how your little hands and legs were made will follow in my letter to you on your 18th Bday ! Don’t worry – I’m not dying, and I will still in my full clear pen-man ship write to you 17 years and 11 months from today.. Of course I will make sure I will slip in the equivalent of a Ek hajjar ek rokda in the year 2029.... Hopefully America will not fuck it up for the rest of the world with its inflation and recession jargons.. !! ( Ooops, I can say fuck right, if you are below 10 and are reading this and are knowing how to use FUCK as a noun, preposition and an adjective, I will say your parents brought u up well.. ; )

Ofcourse you don’t like it that I call you Nenu infront of the many 1 month olds around Facebook... ! And the fact that I have and will tag you in the many posts over the next couple of years... but someday you will realise when you will do the same for Rhea’s or Sacha’s or Kabir’s Kids... Oh btw, Rhea and Sacha are my unborn daughters, and Kabir is Dhwanu Masi’s unborn. You are going to be heading the clan and there will be a lot of pressure on you to perform. On most days you will find it difficult .. and the younger siblings, judging by their parents will be equal if not less or more naughty, intelligent and weirdos as their predecessors.
I hope someday you can come to me and we can share a drink or two and discuss everything under the sun.. ! I wish you become a wine drinker and not go to the regular men’s drink- WHISKY.. !! Some will at this point think I am putting you in the midst of a GAY-DAR... ! No, Masi cannot explain to you what that is... !!

But today, I am happy, I have found your ears without your mouth.. Works well for a talker like me. Soon, one day that will be taken away from me. And it will be a mixed bag of emotions for me to see you grow up into a beautiful young man... !!!

Dia Masi loves you... Mwahhh !!!
And to the world... Here is the first public BLOG APPEARANCE OF MY NEPHEW , PRITHVI DOSHI, born on 20th March, 2011 after 12 hours of labour --- something his mother will never forget. It was terrifying not only for her, but everyone ( like me, who don’t know what to say ) around too !!! I now call upon, Prithvi (Nenu) Doshi !!! APPLAUSE...

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  1. your baby's reallyyyy cute!
    you should do yoga :(



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