Saturday, June 1, 2013


One of the first things I do when I, or any of my friends, move into a new apartment is look for lighting I can swap out. Most apartments come with those awful “boob” ceiling lights, so the first thing I do is find a new medallion or cover and replace them with a pendant. As much as I love a chandelier, there’s not always the ceiling height in a city apartment that you need for something that large, so a pendant is always a good quick fix. At this year’s ICFF I made a mental note to keep track of all the pendants and hanging lights that would make for great city apartment lighting. From pretty silver globes lights to the delicate pendants above, I hope these new designs will inspire you to try something different at home. 
Image above: Tiny pendant lights (also in sconce and tabletop form) from Nervous System

The pattern of these silver globe lights from Tom Dixon was so beautiful- especially in shimmery silver.

These pendants from 100xbtr were made of Corian, but were deceptively light. They also remind me of Pac- Man ghosts. Score!

I loved this simple little strand of lights of Grain Design.
More pendant lighting from ICFF 2013 continues after the jump…

I love the woven texture in these white pendants from Artecnica

The left two silver pendants from Artecnica were some of my favorite.

Modern hanging lights from Mary Wallis

Wayward Projects continued their splattered paint style from cushions to tiny hanging pendant lights.

A silver globe pendant by Tom Dixon.

Roman and Williams‘ Woodrum Light

Purple glass pendants by Marianne Andersen

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