Friday, June 28, 2013


I’ve had a major thing for handmade wooden products recently—the more unique the better. There’s something about the warm, natural material of wood that readily compliments the handmade process. Imperfections on the manufacturing side are echoed and supported by knots in the wood, subtle gradations of color, and the irregular pattern of the wood’s grain. Wood has a tendency to warp, roughen, and otherwise change over the course of time, so the sign of the craftsman’s hand adds just another touch of distinction. After stumbling upon some old wooden bowls  last month, I’ve launched what has amounted to an epic hunt for similar handcrafted wooden items. At Rosewood & Birch, I fell immediately in love. Crafted by the wood turner Gary Camardo in Columbia County, New York, each piece of furniture from Rosewood & Birch is sourced from fallen trees and entirely custom made. Literally one-of-a-kind, these handmade gems seem to tell a story, both about their material and the eye and hand of the craftsman who made them. 

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