Saturday, June 22, 2013


The history of confetti can be traced to the tradition of throwing rice or grain, a symbol of fertility, at weddings during ancient times. During the Victorian era, colored leaves and flowers were thrown, along with rice, at wedding celebrations. Paper confetti is a relatively recent addition to wedding celebrations (post-mass production), but I love how fun and celebratory it is to toss sparkly paper in the air. (And it looks great in photos!) Here are some great ways to incorporate confetti into your event (Confetti push pop? Yes, please!) And of course, you can always go the old fashioned route and ask your bridesmaids to help you cut paper! 

Image above: Confetti Bar by Brooklyn Bride for CREAM, Flowers by Blossom and Branch. Photos clockwise from top, by Brklyn View PhotographySamm Blake PhotographerSamm Blake Photographer, and Les Loups

Image above: celebration confetti $12

Image above, clockwise from top, ConfettiSystem Confetti;  A tiny celebration $6.50; Confetti pops by Thimblepress
See more confetti options after the jump!

Image above: confetti balloon bouquet (set of 12) $9.95

Image above, from top: paper confetti $4.81; 100 silver glitter stars $3.50

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