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I love hearing from readers, fellow travellers and dreamers and those who knew me as The Story Teller.

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Every month Wilderness is growing in terms of readership and reach. As the Wilderness explores ... it was listed in Blog Chai - top brewers and I also regularly write for the hugely successful Travelettes.

I have previously worked with tourist boards, airlines and travel brands on projects for and/or separate to this blog. I am available for press trips, product reviews and travel writing and photography work so if you are interested in partnering with me please send me an email with what you have in mind.

As Wilderness goes wilder and more exotic it is slowly but surely becoming part of my "job", which I love but this means I need to give it a lot of time in order to keep the content coming. For that reason I will be working with travel brands and companies to support the content I write on a small number of occasions. I do this inline with the following rules that I've set out for myself and the brands I work with.
  • I write the content. I don't want my readers to read anything irrelevant, commercial or biased. The post will be something I would have written anyway.
  • I will only write about what fits Wilderness.. If I'm on a press trip or receiving something at a discount or complimentary, I will only write about it if the experience fits my blog. 
  • There will be a disclosure. I want my readers to know which posts I've worked with brands on so a disclosure will appear at the bottom of the post. They will be able to clearly see any links or connections to a brand I'm working with and it will not influence the nature of my post.
  • I approve of the brand. I don't want to publicise or give a platform to a company I don't like or don't think my readers will benefit from knowing about. If this opinion changes then the post will be deleted.
Any questions? Wanna work with me? Well, send me an email then!


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