Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Watermelon Heaven

1/2 ripe and delicious WaterMelon

2 cups Cashew Nuts

1 teaspoon Vanilla Essenence

½ cup Blueberry or any other Fruits for Garnish

Dice the Watermelon. In a blender mix cashew nut, vanilla essence and some drops of water. Put paste on the diced watermelons with a cone. Top it with your favorite fruit Garnish. Enjoy these finger food desert post a heavy meal.

Avacado Margarita

Receipe :
1 ripe and delicious avocado

¼ cup fresh lemon or lime juice

2 cups crushed ice

½ cup tequila

¼ cup triple sec

Put in a blender and turn it on. It's so simple; that's why I love it. Then, rub the rim of the glass with lime and dip in a coarse sea salt and chili pepper mix. Sit back on a Wednesday evening like today with some friends and enjoy the smooth goodness !

An Amazing Tea-Party host !

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday Brunch with the girlies..

This Sunday, I am going to call upon my girls for a Sunday Brunch. I have had a tiresome last week, so i do not want to get up early in the morning and start ferociously cooking. At the same time, it is going to be Ami's going away do. So i want it to look like I put in some thought and effort into to. i came across this
Wheat Base pizza with lemon, ricotta cheese and Asparagus receipe that I intend to dish out. Does'nt it look scrumtuous ?

To drink ! It's always a difficult question. Non-Alcoholic, considering my mother is on a high alert these days at the alchohol consumption doing the rounds. There is a choise of
Which one do you think she will like ?

A walk around the City

I came across these beautiful graphic designs by Artist Tadahiro Uesugi.. Don't you feel like putting your best heels on and strut around the city ? I am going to do so this weekend with my girlies, before Amzie leaves for her Summer School in Graphic Design at Elephant and Castle - London ! She is so lucky..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happiness is ....

CD Covers DIY

Today is India Bandh... So i came across this easy and quick DIY project. So bring out all your old CD collections. Ever thought what to do with your favourite pictures/ extra wall paper and the plastic from all those CD covers ? Stick it on this plastic part with a masking tape and make attractive designs. Make yourself Re-cycle friendly.

The GreenBo revolution

I am just back from Africa. I went to Ghana, kenya and Zambia. These places are the luxury of space and the time we fast moving city residents seem to be having lesser and lesser of. I went to some uber rich and some decently working class individual's home.. and whast struck me most if their gardens. One of the ladies could run a vegetable market of her own with all her produce in her backyard. So i decided to start planting some small plants when i get back.

I have been back for 2 days now. And I pondered really hard. So I have 1/2 a feet window sill which is literally thanks to the boxed grill all around my windows. Some of which are used to hang the clothes dry. Leaving me with just a little space to grow maybe 6- 7 plants.

And then I came around this website. Its called GreenBo! They make this space friendly pots. On first look they look like those cheap chinese plasticware that you think is going to brake once it falls of the sil its delicately standing on. But then you read all these testimonials and people who are so happy with the product. And how it brings about greenery for people living in urban spaces. I am happy ordering mine online. Check out these cute colourful pieces promoting a greener urban space of the future.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strawberry Trifle that saves my life always

•1 pkg yellow or white cake mix
•1 pkg (16oz) frozen strawberries, or use fresh sliced &, sweetened
•1 box (5oz) instant vanilla or cheesecake pudding mix, prepared with milk as directed
•1 package whipped topping, prepared or from dry mix
•1/4 cup slivered almonds
Bake cake in oblong 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan as directed on package. Cool. Cut cake crosswise in half. Reserve half of the for another dessert; can be frozen. Cut remaining cake into 8 pieces. Split each piece horizontally. Arrange half the pieces in a 2-quart glass serving bowl, cutting the pieces to fit curves of the bowl. Pour half the strawberries with syrup over cake. Spread with 1 cup pudding. Repeat with remaining cake pieces, strawberries, and pudding. Spread whipped topping over top and sprinkle with almonds. Chill thoroughly
Serves 8 to 10.

Bare Essentials v/s Accessorize

My aunt and her children recently came back from the United kingdom. They were away on holiday. Whne they came back I asked her if she liked it there ? she said it was okay ! I probed her to talk, as clearly she had a very strong opinion - for she liked it Okay. Not too good or excellent or too bad or horrible.

She pointed out from Channel to dior to zara to Prime Ark each one sells the same long black leggings for example in different fabrics and qualities. But in the end they make the person look the same. She believes each one look generic. As compared to india - where ready made clothes are no biggie, so each one has their unique style. People dont look like each other's clones.

So the brighter side of this whole point she was trying to make was
1. how unique each one looks
2. because we have unique clothes we do not need to stress out about the accessories to make a dress look different
3. Even jewellery has starting to become common, and hence the make-up and all the stress about being immaculate.

Man - is it stressful to dress up ? Or will india never come up from its dress-down code that it has been following for years ? only time will tell.

How to eat your candy !

1. Explore the different types of candy at the store. Look for chocolates, jaw breakers, lollipops, gum candy, etc.
2. Stylish Candy Dispenser Displays of Colors & Sweetness User-Friendly Dispensers.

3. Do not be afraid to try new types and new brands, as you may find them enjoyable.

4. Buy your favorite candies. And quickly un-wrap the wrapper.

5. Pop it in before someelse asks you to share your candy !

Un-written rule : You never share your candy !

Guggenheim Ticket Art

So if you were given a job of selling tickets of an art museum, would you ever have dreamt that maybe someday your works would be displayed at that majestic museum ??
Stunning works of art by Mia Liu, who used to work in Visitor Services at the Guggenheim. She sold admission tickets to museum goers from all over the world... and kept a few. Her collection of paper stubs inspired these incredible pieces.

Check more of her collection at


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