Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forbidden Fruit Desert

Common now, everybody knows GOOD LOOKING FOOD is like the forbidden food for people who are on a DIET. This is my everytime thing. When on a diet – I automatically finds myself surfing Food related blogs, websites etc. So I have only just dieted for 5 days and I have started making a list of MUST-COOK-AND-EAT once I reach my GOAL weight !!! Hahahahaha ... the sad sad story of my life. So instead of boring you with the blah blah of weight and my life I am going to quickly tell you an easy desert receipt which involves Peaches !

Spiced Peaches apr├Ęs Leslie Thompson
1 can large firm peach halves
1 tsp. whole cloves
1 stick 3″ cinnamon
2/3 c. firmly packed brown sugar
2 T. vinegar
Drain syrup from peaches and pour syrup in sauce pan. Add the cloves and cinnamon. Boil rapidly until 1/2 c. syrup remains. Add brown sugar and vinegar and simmer 5 minutes. Pour over peaches in jar. Let stand overnight. Can be served hot or cold.
You can also serve on top of a tart, too. Now making a TART is another BALL GAME ! But thanks fo Hyper Market and Super Markets around the corner – you can now find ready made Tart Shells !!! Happy Eating !

Spa Home

I did not know certain places in the leg and the thigh area had muscles till they started hurting. All those Spinning Class PAINS I hope are leading to weight and FAT LOSS most importantly. So yesterday after I couldn’t walk, not even for that dear remote control –I had to beckon my Malish Wali Bai, in modern English language the masseuse. So while I lay naked in front of her, she battered and bruised my muscles some more. There are 2 things about this kind of massage.

1. The obvious embarrassment of lying naked in front of someone. Now this is no SPA. This is a home ! Lights cannot be dimmed. And she does not cover your assets with freshly baked linens and towels. This is full on Indian Style Tail Malish

2. What is it with Indian Style Malish Bai. She uses all her force to massage you – and this hurts even more than you tearing a muscle of two at the gym ! And not to mention her proud proclaim that this malish will tone your body up ! And it will help you reduce in inches. Of course one can reduce if put through such torture.

So I suffered for about 40 mins to be precise – this includes the changing time. After which I had to rush for a dear friends Wedding. And then I came across Donna Karan’s SPA home in the New Hamptons, New York. Now, who wouldn’t like A SPA HOME !! No more laying down on a thin chattai and getting the malish wali to do your massage, when you own a HOME which is actually a SPA. MONEY, DESIGN and LIFESTYLE always surpass all known and linger in the unknown when it comes to the rich and the famous.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


It’s just another cheap trick to make money was my opinion on FRIDAY morning. My Gym instructor to kick things up – asked me to come for a class of spinning. Now I am a fan of changing the routine – but certainly not of ways to get exhausted. Which is the irony of the weight loss program. This is my umpteenth effort to lose weight – but I never lose hope ! Sheila Ki Jawaani surely does wonders in motivation. Even if this motivation will last only but a few days.

Imagine a whole bunch of exercise bikes lined up inside a health club studio. Riders are on each one, spinning the pedals at a rapid pace. The lights are turned down, pumped up music fills the air and an instructor with a headset sits atop a lead bike, calling out commands. Now my instructor looks like one of the choreographers of these reality dance lessons – there is something amusing about the latka jatka way of expressing everything. “Common disha, pedal faster !”

Now I have already pushed myself to pedal the fastest – but the music makes you want to go with the beat and you do eventually. Much to the misery of every fat cell in the leg screaming NO. And then the rider next to me stands up and starts spinning. So only when i had thought this is it – I now had to stand and pedal. I was only relived for a moment – because the hard seat was hurting my bum area. It made me wonder why they did not make bigger seats on a bicycle ?? Is it something to do with reducing the speed phenomenon ?? I will have to Google that one for sure.

Gone are the days when I learnt to bicycle and rode around with my friends in the neighbourhood. We stopped for “Gola” I was so proud of the little basket my mother had attached to the front of the cycle – I wanted to fill it up with bread and milk from the grocery – just to help my mother.

“Disha, common faster !!” The instructor snapped at me. My little fantasy that had helped me escape the class came to a crushing stop. I was dripping. And what was even disgusting is that the both the riders between whom I was sandwiched were sweating profusely. It is pretty disgusting to see them like that.

And then I took one look in the mirror in front of me. It was a horrifying sight !! I had sweat stains in different places .. and I was dripping too. My legs gad given up by the end of 20 minutes. The instructor wanted me to go for another song. ANOTHER SONG – I thought to myself – I hope it’s an English song – they are usually shorter !! Turned out my current favourite – “Gal Mitthi mitthi Bol !” I pedalled first with all force and by the time the song was in its second para – i was hardly spinning.

Of course – the result of this whole session was loss of calories ! But the real outcome was felt on Saturday, when I couldn’t get out of my bed. It felt I had needles piercing my body. And then on Sunday where I literally was hoping I could float. Climbing the stairs of the cinemas was also not an incentive. Come Monday I stepped on the weighing machine – it had moved to the LEFT. And quite THANKFULLY. I entered the Spinning Class with a SMILE !

Decoration de Table !

Have spent quite a few evenings in frantic haste trying to decorate my house to host a dinner party... !! Design and decorations comes quite easily to my sister, Dhwani Doshi of Creative Chase Design. You can check her work out on www.creativechase.in - who can cook up stuff out of thin air. But I am a person of method. And for me - I file and folder pictures so that when in need I pull this one book out and find stuff to put together. Here are some beautiful center pieces for tables !! Have fun exploring..

Friday, November 26, 2010

E Club

Elite organization, often are rumoured about because of their tightly held structures. Their meetings and memebers are often undisclosed till the last moment. The Porcellian club at Harvard, has a bit of attention, probably unwanted by the premiere of the movie The Social Network. In the film, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, tries desperately to try to enter the club – but meets failure. But not many know that even here in India – Universities have Elite clubs.

One such rumoured Elite Organisation is “E” – the Elite club of Family Managed Business Program ( FMB) at S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research. Club’s like “E” are often widely criticized for their exclusiveness, their membership initiation process and their activities and secretive meetings. But “E” was formed by a bunch of rich and ambitious students who live by “E” Standards. The Club was founded in Hong Kong, but when it was founded is unknown. The prominence of this Social Club is on a rise. With many of its members, heading large corporations and on their way to becoming India’s fastest growing companies.

The university – S.P. Jain has no jurisdiction over the club’s activities. While most Elite Clubs are of male bonding nature, E is rumoured to be headed by a 3 chairpersons team, out of which 2 are Females. The club’s members are located in different cities’ of India. I met one such member over dinner who was surprised that I knew about “E” at all. He expressed an interest in the topic, but declined to speak at all. Despite the fact that a large number of S. P. Jain students—members and nonmembers alike—are critical of Elite clubs, there is a prevalent culture of silence around this topic inside the campus.

The lack of free-flowing public discourse about the “E” club has been largely responsible for the long history of unsuccessful movements to address problematic aspects of “E” club: Stop Withholding Access Today (SWAT), led by the general body of students; Memebership Access Parliment are all examples of efforts abandoned due to lack of public support and commitment.

Despite the exclusivity and mystique, “E” is believed to be formed to “cultivate the intellect”. The list of members is small, owing in part to the need of remaining active on the forum as well as at meetings. “E” is the iconic "hotsy-totsy final club," often bracketed with Yale's Skull and Bones. Harvard Porcellian club and Princeton's Ivy Club. But as in the case of virtually any legend, these narratives can rarely be traced to an original source . Also, an urban legends page mentions a belief that "if members of the “E” do not become newsworthy by the time they turn 50, they resign themselves. Such is the conditioning provided in these individuals.”

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Maison Moschino

Fashion giant Moschino have transformed the Viale Monte Grappa 12 – a neoclassical railway station built 1840, into a sixty-five room hotel. The hotel urges visitors to ‘expect the unexpected’ decking out their rooms with fairytale-inspired designs. With each room telling a different story Moschino has added their trademarked stylish-quirk touches with teacup tables, a forest bedpost, a rose petal-covered bedspread and even a wolf creeping out of the bedcovers.
Check out how design meets inspiration in vivid forms to give the world some of the best lifestyle !!.. in this world of luxury and design, MONEY CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH...

Picture Puuurrrffffeeeccctttt !

“Slightly to the left..!” “No, no madam, bahut ho gaya !!” “CHIN UP.” “Thoda Down, Bus zarra saa...” clicking a photograph is a mission for me each time. I have had over the years only 1 passport size photograph that i can actually say is a good picture. I have seen millions of pretty faces – but when you see what picture they have in their passport – it would be something ridiculous. After my mundane ( when i went bald) I have faced the camera only twice – the first time being one of the worst pictures in the history of pictures !!!

To get my passport re-newed ! i look like the SON of a Nigerian MAFIA. Ofcourse there is a big bad world out there – so i have erased out the other details... !! YES thts me. In my defense – it was a hot sunny day and i was sweating like a pig – i had a deadline to chase cause i wanted to leave the country for an import business meeting !! and so i had to make do with this picture !!!!

Posing or anti-posing has been my thing for the past couple of years... !! Here is what I do to most people – just for the kicks ! To make a happy frame ! To get that quirky smile on their faces.. !! and most times i have been quite successful in getting them to smile...!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100th POST !

As a little girl I spoke when it was not my turn, I answered when it was not needed, I gave an opinion even if I was not entitled to in the wrong places and not to the right people. It gave me a reputation of sorts. A strong minded individual like me could be dangerous. BLOGGING is a serious passion for me. One that gives me the freedom to write freely what i feel and what I think, without the hazard of being explosive. Such is my blog. It is an extension to my life. and today – after much nurture and care my blog has reached a 100 !!!

A 100....!!! CELEBRATING A 100 blogs ... wooohoooo. When I started off, I had no idea that this would be the turn out. I did not know that this thing which started off as a rough template would take such a beautiful shape. It would be a place where I could talk about things I love - travel, books, art, interior design, fashion, music, movies, eating, being in love, design and my sunshine.

A lot of people to be thanked. My grand-parents. Who are somewhere there, looking after my universe. They are the first people who encouraged me to always express... they are the ones who were so proud of me – even if it only meant me saying a line in the class play ! They were there, applauding loudly !!

Next up my parents... These 2 people, single handedly can charge me up with enough energy to last a life time. They not only have inspired me to dream big , but gave me the ability to chase after my dreams.. and they are such a perfect example.
Dhwani, my sister, my soul mate. For her undying passion for her artwork – her relentless hard work, day after day after day. She knows what she wants. And she encourages me to work towards what I like the most Writing ! With her around, I strive to know what I want.. and be thankful for what I have. And always being by my side.

My friends... Pankti, Amzie, Raghuvir, Aakash, Jesal, ... for always being so available to discuss everything under the sun. I owe my sunshine to them. Everyone else too, who help me aspire to achieve more. To do more. To strive for more.. !!! Thank you so much for always being there, everyone.

Also to all those people who actually sit up and read some of my stuff, and time and again comment or call or message, just to let me know you care that i write .. Please keep them coming. There is nothing more I love than to hear you critique my stuff – mostly the good stuff ; p . but when you write, I know you read. When you write, I know my thoughts provoked something in your mind to move you to click click.. !!!

My PURPOSE : To provoke thoughts with my writing – Mission Accomplished !!!

Cyprus Sunshine

As soon as you land, you feel the fresh mediterrean sea winds hit you to greet you at Larnaca airport. Now, right before getting onto a plane, a million people asked me – Why Cyprus ?? Where is Cyprus. Just to give you the quick co-ordinates !

Capital : Nicosia
Party Capital : Ayia Napa
Currency : Euro
International Airport : Larnaca & Paphos
Summer Months : March – Oct – tons of people !!
Winter Months : Nov – March – everything is cheap, most restaurants, bars and cafe’s are shut !
Visa : Needed – although its a part of the European Union – a simple Schengan Visa will not suffice as of 20th Nov, 2010. But things are soon going to change.

Why Cyprus - because it has some of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches of the Mediterreian coast line. There are tons of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts available which can be booked online. I would suggest people to self drive, its fast and economical – you can cross the country from one end to the other in a little over 2 hours – if you love speed like I do ! They follow the british style – RIGHT HAND DRIVING !

WOOOFFF !!! Getting to the actual fun bit !

We were a party of 9 people, so booking a hotel was out of question. At ¼ its price, I found an amazing 4 bedroom villa, with a swimming pool, big garden and a seafront with the most amazing view !! Although we were a little outside Ayia Napa – about a 10 mins drive – which we did not mind. We considered ourselves lucky. Our cars were parked in the exact location as explained to us – and after the first day the GPS was rendered useless. This country bowled me over with its simplicity !

We dropped out bags and after a quick oohing and aahing over the absolutely fantastic villa, we got dressed for a little night on the strip. We headed straight to Ayia Napa. The little town of Ayia Napa can be walked from one end to the other without tiring your feat. Hiring a quad bike is recommendable. The Party scene in Ayia Napa is explosive ! Go to Bedrock Inn – Flintstones style, StarSkys, Piazza, Guru Bar – one the most stylish, Abyss are some of the best Clubs to be visited. Los Bandidos is a must visit Mexican Restaurant in Cyprus – especially for vegetarians – for whom most Cypriotic Food is a no-no. This town has all international cusinies to suit every pocket.

What is the most striking is that Ayia Napa is full of Souvenir shops. But once you travel in the layers and find the cute boutiques around this little town, you will be in paradise. Beware of Designer FAKES – at 1/10 the price.

The next morning, we decided to take a dip in the crystal blue waters. At any given point in time I could find 4 different shades of blue and green in the seas. The silver sand coastline runs from one end of the country to the other. Holidaymakers can take excursions from Ayia Napa to places like Agia Thekla, 6km to the west, with a small offshore island, Makronisos Beach, a cluster of three sheltered bays, or to the historical city of Larnaca, 40km along the coast. The waters are warm from May to Mid-November. Perfect for a little tan.

For my hiker friends. You must visit Cava Greko – which is Cape Greko. It lies between the towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras, both of which are popular tourist resorts. It is frequently visited by many tourists for its natural beauty. It is a protected nature park. From the high points on the cliff that rests at the cape one can view amazing sights out to sea. There are marked points where cliff divers are find their heaven. I hiked twice, once for sunrise and the other time during sunset. Camera snapshots do not do any justice to the changing colours in the skyline. The sounds of the blue waters lapping against the rocks and the gentle winds fluttering my hair are experiences that I can still close my eyes and feel.

We also decided to take a day trip to Paphos. Paphos has both – the majestic mountains and the beach which is a sophisticated beach front if I may point out. Not too many young population – great of adults or honeymooners. Among its attractions are its ancient mosaic floors, its beautiful old harbour, its modern hotels and restaurants, situated along the seaside promenade. Other sights include an archaeological museum, the Byzantine castle of Paphos, the Tombs of the Kings, St. Paul’s Pillar and the Temple of Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) and the Baths of Aphrodite. The summer months are a popular time for tourism in Paphos, when temperatures reach easilly into the mid 30 degrees centigrade every day.

But, my family and I enjoyed walking the little villages around Paphos. Especially Latchi, which looks like a miniature town. We rented bicycles and enjoyed Cycling in the mountains. The main shopping lane, which runs parallel to the beach promenade, is the ideal tourists' marketplace.

Located in Paphos is the gorgeous Coral Bay, a beauteous beach with soft sand and deep blue water, a perfect place for water sports.
Cyprus is a place for all pockets who love their sunshine !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Little Joys of LIFE

Dear All,
So I am extremely sorry first of to have not updated my blog in a little more than a month. What can I say ?? LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER RIDE and I am refusing to get off it… !!

A Quick update about what has happened. First I went to Germany on business – uh huh, yes, I do a business apart from just writing plain simple-le boring blogs of the love of my life, men in general, current crushes, cooking, eating and a whole lot of other bullshit u guys read abt- and I get a lot of appreciating for. The little joys of life I tell u !! So – coming to the point. Business was good and I made some load of money to get me off the thought of how I am going to pay for the land I have bought . a part of the payment for which remains and is bugging the shit of me !!

Next up , I flew to CYPRUS for a quick Diwali Holiday with my family. Nothing compares to the time I spend with my family. We are a bunch of strong headed individuals who have found our right tuning with each other – so each year for about 10 days we get together and celebrate diwali and different locations. This year it was in the beautiful island country of CYPRUS. So we spent out time on the beach – sunbathing – and have tanned ourselves hues of barbeque… !!! We are BROWN- INDIANS now. More on the beautiful sunsets, sunrises and cocktails in my next blog. We also had a quick stop at EGYPT… !!! And my little TIFF with a company called FLASH TOURS… !!!

Then I came back and reloaded my bag with some fresh clothes and went to GOA for my birthday weekend. Nothing compares to FRIENDS + GOA.. what a beautiful airy sunny life I have. Yes, I heard that from everyone who called me , emailed me, BB’d me on my birthday !!! And yes also people who FACEBOOKED ME ! now don’t think I am lame – but facebook notified me that an alarming 150 people have written on my wall… !!! WHAT – this excluding the people who wished me on the phone – which was ringing off the hook from 8 a.m. UI have some lovely friends and family , don’t you think ?? I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life. It was what birthdays are supposed to make u feel, right ???

And then of course – when I came back – we took delivery of my fathers shinning new MERC E 280 CDI !! luxury personified. What can I say – im proud of this man who not only taught us to dream big but also taught us how to chase them. He is a super human in the form of a demi god in the form of my father !!! MY DADDY STRONGEST… !!

Anyway – I have to go check on the new machine in our new factory – which happened in the middle of all this… but I promise to come back as soon as everything is settled.

And I have another reason to celebrate – my 100th BLOG is coming up… YIPPIEIIEEEEEEEEE…. !!!! It’s celebrations time all the way.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All I ever wanted was LOVE

The phone rang while i was on a busy street
I let my bus go and sat shivering on the cold seat
Waited patiently to hear yet again
of a time led with someone in sunshine and rain
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

But, oh no, what is this
I hear tears from the other end hiss
There is remorse and regret
I was filled with hatred I had bet
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

No kinds words had been showered
Never a word gentle
And yet I knew this day would come
when justice would be delayed but not denied
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

But Why do I feel this way ?
Wasn’t I supposed to feel Liberated ?
Why do I feel, no I need some revenge ?
Why does not my god help me fight this pain ?
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

Fight those urges to hurt someone
Who I loved for far too long
What is love without any hurt ?
What is friendship without any roller coasters
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

And so we had our down days
But the upwards was supposed to be together
Why do i not see our paths merging
why do i not feel the urge to mend
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

Why do I want to leave things
As they are, bleeding
Why do I feel that this reversal has come
But its only temporary – waiting for me to respond
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

Should I put this love to test ?
To see if it withstands all the weather
But I fear – in the end alone I will stand
and this is something I cannot re-visit
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

Being Alone has never occurred to me
When life has been so kind to me
why does 1 person matter so much ?
That my world changes upside down
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

Upside Down, Downside up
Let me turnover this one last time
Let me re-visit Lonliness one last time
One Last time... Over the cliff Edge
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE

Falling, Feel easy, feel breezy
Feel for once freedom
And then it will be too late
To know how LOVE ENDS.
................................................All I ever Wanted was LOVE


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