Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are you a good match ?

K.. Maybe not number 3, unless you want my name written on your body - please dont show me scorpians, barbed wires or any funny creatures.
And No 4.. No horror movies for me... If you are willing to do all this for me then I will see dirty horror movies with you ; )

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love, Sex Aur Dhoka !

When I was growing up, I was extremely protected by my parents. Of course their way was not by keeping me away from things, but letting me know beforehand as to there is a big bad world out there that you have to be careful of. So things never came as a blow, right in the face. But theory being theory, when the real world hit – it is hurting. The last couple of days I have heard stories of friends and friends of friends on topics ranging from Break-up, Sex scandals, Infidelity, cheating, lying, hatred and everything that has had a very devastating effect on me. So much so that I have almost stopped believing in the sanctity of LOVE. It comes strangely so, as I have been under the influence of extreme Love for the past 4 months – but I wish to end it. Not because it has anything to do with between people, but I get scared of how things will end. I am determined all good things come to an end.

This is the real world. This is happening to real people. I for one want to salute Ekta Kapoor for she forsee’s the future. She was ahead of her time. Wife beaters, Cheating husbands, emotional tormentation, women sacrificing – she showed it all. When at a friend’s house, we happened to touch this very topic, each one had their story to tell of a friend or a friend’s friend. Don’t we all ? This is how our generation is living – in constant fear of a cheating partner. This is what is has all been reduced to.

Look at that show Emotional Atyachar on UTV Bindaas – what does that really tell us. Most of us live today with a feeling that honesty prevails and true love will win in the end. I see those chicken faces coming out of the studio. But truth better be known, than always remain in the unknown. The discovery of infidelity is a truly painful experience, but I genuinely believe that it is better to endure a short term pain, than to discover an infidelity down the line, when a relationship may have moved to a much more serious level. For those stuck in a serious relationship and who are bound by societal pressures and their loving children – I can only sympathise with you. I am a firm believer in GOD, and i believe everyone has their golden days – and yours will come as well.

If my parents told me there is a big bad world out there – they also told me that there is also a GOD who protects everyone who not only seeks it but deserves it as well. My prayers with everyone who seeks divine blessings !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Pankti... with Love !

Every memory remains
as the days pass quickly by
as I look upon the past
my heart just wants to cry

We were always together
through the good times and the bad
I try to keep a smile
but I cant fight the feeling sad

You making me laugh was addicting
and so was your smile
now everything's changing
and I'm stuck in denial

The person that has changed
at first I thought was you
but I realize now its me
but it's not I changed, but grew

Everyone will change
and everyone will grow
but I will always forever love you
and thatI hope you know

Guys got in the middle
and other factors too
I guess one thing that's changing
is that I'm now jealous of a few

I miss so many things
about the way it used to be
we both have made mistakes
not "just" you or not "just" me

I miss all of the good times
like when we'd talk all night long
or when we'd belt out the lyrics
to a good old Rihanna Song !

When we'd fall over laughing
and we wouldn't know why
all the hugs you gave me
Now all I'd do is cry

I miss my blond moments
and the things you would say
acting like loosers
day after day

I miss when we'd talk
for hours on end
but I think most of all
i just miss my best friend.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Experimental Cook

I’d like to be a great cook someday. FOOD binds everyone together. In happiness and in bad times. This weekend we had my mother’s side of the family come over. I finally decided to try the Spinach and Ricotta Cheese tarts that I had been planning on making since my return from my big trip. For starters, I couldn’t find a half decent recipe of making the tart dough without eggs. So I landed up buying ready-made tart shells. What a Bummer ! Life becomes simpler – but the sense of achievement at the end of making it was also reduced by half.

Next on the mind was Ricotta Cheese. At Rs 300 for a measly cube of cheese, by the time I could decide whether or not to buy, some woman scooped up the last remaining cube on the shelf. I thought I’d lost the battle there. Then decided nothing can stop me.. ( Also I didn’t want my mother to scream at me for having bought the tart shells and not knowing what to do with it. ) So I did what every Indian woman does – make do with whatever ingredients they have in their hand – and cook up something entirely different than what they had originally planned.

This is one reason any standard recipe tastes different in different houses ! So, I ended up with half of my favorite ingredients. The end result was good… a bit too garlicky for my taste. But it was too late to alter the recipe – the first of the guests had already ting tonged. Mine was the first starter to be dished out. Thankfully ! DHWANI DOSHI, my elder sister, must I mention an effortless cook had cooked tasty tandoori paneer. At least the guests forgot all about my tarts by the time they gorged on the lip smacking paneer chunks ! I have to learn a lot about Cooking and Food Decoration from my sister.

p.s. – The picture is what the tart was supposed to look like ; )


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