Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super Power

This poster belongs in our home because I ask Hal this question every time we watch an X-men movie.

So my question for you:

If could have any super power, what would it be?

My Answer is :
I want to influence people's thoughts.. !! ( For those of you who know me and think im quite bossy already --- Yes, I have issues moulding peoples thoughts -- And this ofcourse is fantasy !! ; )

Loving Life.. !

After months of handling what I thought was Depression -- because I gained piles of wieght, binged ate, fought, bickered, did no work, almost in shambles -- I now feel like a new person.. And can happily say "I LOVE MY LIFE"

I stopped blaming others for what happened. For I am responsible for my life. No one else cares to hoots what happens to you in this day and age. One minute you could be someones BFF and the next minute she could have easily back stabbed you for greener pastures... You could have been a millionarie one minute and the other minute its all gone !!!

If you love your life, you've made it.

Ancient Ruins

Wedding photographers, Erin and Ben Chrisman, got married at Hacienda Uayamon in Campeche, Mexico, surrounded by ancient ruins from the 1700's. Can you even imagine having a candlelight ceremony in a crumbling stone chapel in the Yucutan jungle? What a dream.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Potter Phobia

Okay - So you can officially call me Harry Potter Phobic ! I havent had the nerve to read any of the harry potter series. Yes since ive already told you this I can also safely tell you, I am also not into Lord of the Rings. Alright - I know they are not the same. The last series that I did was Robert Langdon Series - Da Vinci, Angels and Demons and the likes.

It is on my to do list before I die tho - To sit through a HARRY POTTER BOOK !

Cheese and Charcoal Party

What an excellent combination, cheese & charcoal. Brittany and Landon threw this inventive little party for what may be my new favorite online magazine, Kinfolk, a guide for small gatherings. I want to host one too. Making messes with friends is fun.

Tip: cheese before charcoal!

A Timeless Pursuit

Aren't these old-Hollywood shots glamorous? A vintage polka dot Oscar de la Renta dress was the muse behind photographer, Gray Malin's series, A Timeless Pursuit. He followed this faceless woman all over the cities of Los Angeles, Paris and New York and compiled the images into a book.


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