Monday, January 21, 2013

Amanda + Simon

Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl sent in this absolutely stunning set of images of a wintery wedding scene to poppy talk who in turn inspired me to re-blog this !!  The December wedding took place at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise which included taking the entire wedding party for a gorgeous mountain sleigh ride.  Favorite thing –the splash of blue tuile in the back of her dress and how the horses in one of the pics below seem to be in love too! Check out more pics below (vendor information at the bottom of the post). 

Kunal Shah is so pissed at our wedding location now -- im now accepting bets !! ;) my love winter will come back for u ..kisses**

Some notes about Amanda & Simon's wedding;

-Amanda's dress was custom made for her and featured flowers that were from her mother's dress
-The fabric bouquet had two pocket watches attached to the stem, one that was on Canadian time and one that was on Australian time
-After the ceremony guests were given hand warmers and invited for a sleigh ride around Lake Louise before settling in for a private dinner
-The hand warmers were from an Australian store called Typo.

Photography -  Kirstie Tweed, , Orange Girl
Angelina from Arcaro Couture made her dress
Marchesi's made Simon's suit
Metallic Bloom made the bouquet
Location & Catering - Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Wedding planner -
Cake -
Hair & Make-up -
Officiant- Robin White -

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mood Trackers

Have you heard of Mood Hacker? It's a free online tool that tracks your moods by mapping it against your thoughts, feelings and actions over a period of time. After awhile, you'll start to see patterns. They say if you keep doing what you do on good days, you'll be able to affect your mood for the better. 

Think of it like for the mind. Try it. It's quite fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what my chart looks like a month from now. Bad moods, be gone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Forest Feast

 after several years working as a food photographer in new york city, shooting for cookbooks, magazines, restaurants, and the new york times dining section, erin gleeson moved to a cabin in the woods of northern california, inspiring the forest feast. inspired by all the local ingredients available in the bay area, erin creates simple, beautiful, healthy recipes that anyone can make and shares them on her blog the forest feast. but she doesn’t just create beautiful food — all the photos and illustrations are by erin gleeson, as well. erin makes photographic recipe illustrations and watercolors to go with them, all based on local bay area produce. here’s just a few to make you drool.


 i’m very envious of those of you living in europe right now. i kept seeing pins of these beautiful products and tracked them to down to a company called bloomingville in denmark. success! and then i discovered, alas, they are primarily distributed throughout european cities and i’ve yet to find any Mumbai online shops carrying bloomingville’s goods — but i did have some luck and found a few of their very lovely home goods and accessories carried atlifestyle attic. nevertheless, their beautiful lookbook catalogs are well-worth perusing for the styling inspiration alone. perhaps, if we ask very nicely, bloomingville will come to MUMBAI. pretty please.

A Tea Blending Party

Not just a tea party. But a tea blending party. Briar of Marble & Wilkweed shows us how to warm up a winter afternoon by making personalized custom blends with exotic loose leaf teas, spices, and pretty packaging supplies. With a corresponding playlist to set the mood.
Here are 3 of her recipes:
  • Modern Chai: cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, pink peppercorn, rose petals, ginger.
  • Vanilla Rooibos: red tea, roasted cacao nibs, vanilla bean pods, saffron threads.
  • Fennel Mint: green tea, macha tea, fennel seeds, dried spearmint.

I bet her home smells wonderful! I must try this one day. I've been tea tasting before, but I've never made my own blends. Have you?

Wellspring Spa Retreat

So.. I'm back from honeymoon and being utterly useless with blog posting about the amazinf places i visited. But here is a little something I came across which quite literally had to be unveiled.. also because I was looking at snow pictures which my husband truly adores I came across
 Mount Rainier. And when i saw that i immediately fell upon  Wellspring Spa & Retreat, an easy 1.5 hour-drive from Seattle. This place is unreal. I truly think it's one of Washington's best kept secrets.

the Tatoosh Lodge, it's  main cabin with a huge stone fireplace, a full kitchen and custom built 10-foot cedar dining table. Al Gore stayed here once upon a time. Folks who have stayed there suspect his visit was the inspiration behind An Inconvenient Truth.

Wellspring is a boutique eco-resort near the base of the mountain, nestled within a 10-acre forest sanctuary. The property is sprinkled with with cozy cottages, safari huts, and even a tree house.

Aren't these just fantastic... I am wondering if Kunal will love this haven ?? As for me.. its a big no no. Snow and me have been enemies since time immemorial. But I know I will one day brave the cold and that will be the happiest day of my husband's life.. ! 


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