Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's a Neesh - World !

My Reality : I sprayed my first pskkkk of Attar yesterday.
My Mind : Attar is a Middle Eastern Women's Aphrodisiac
My Apprehension : It's too strong for my taste. I do not perceive myself very feminine, but when it comes to Perfumes I veer towards florals after testing a bunch of earthy scents - ALWAYS.
My Heart : It is pedestrian to open a glass top bottle and apply perfume with your hand. A Perfume is to be sprayed and walked into.
My Desire : Perfumery or scents should adorn the glass shelves of my dresser. Colourful bottles brighten my day.
My Ambition : Sometime in 2013, I did blog about my desire to make my own perfume, call me crazy !

It's taken me long enough but I sampled Neesh's first bunch of Attar pefumery and I was impressed. All my apprehensions came to a screaching halt. I came home to find a glittering package of the entire range of Neesh's Attars Perfumes.  As a little girl I remember saving my dad's perfume boxes and empty bottles to play with... Neesh's perfume packaging is timeless and beautiful.What captivated me instantly are the colours of each of the product's packaging. 

Brown earthy tones is the colour I got attracted to instantly.
Belle D'Oud  by Neesh. The outdoorsy blend of dark amber and honey and berries aromatics is perfect for a chilly winter. Turns out I wore it for the mid-summer evening on a dinner date with my girls last week and felt just as fresh and a spring/summer delight. I've been reaching for it lately as the sun goes down and my day time perfume has long faded. 

This morning I was feeling colourful and decided to go a little NEON-Y.
Amour de Oude came to my rescue. I generally do not step outside my comfort zone. I'm almost hitting the big 30 next year sometime. But the Neon/Yellow packaging came with a note, its profoundly smoky, and a musk of dark amber. I was hesitant... It did come across a bit too strong, but I soon realised that being natural and not chemical, attar seeps into your skin and grows onto you. I smelled the new summer chic... and needless the say I felt a little transitional in the beginning. It's the same feeling like a spiced biscuit - you either love it or hate it. I would highly recommend it for people who want a change in pace... and go edgy !

I almost feel like a perfume aromatic connaiseur... But as I intend to go from bottle after bottle on each of these Neesh's signature collection I can tell you that this product is breaking free of the ordinary. It has changed the way natural aromatics like attar are seen. Right from the packaging which is handy, fits in my day bag as well as night bag, to the one scent for all aroma range that Neesh has. And the best thing, it is at a comfortable price point and a bottle big enough for your appetite and yet small enough to get into a different groove every few days.. ! 

Check them out on Facebook, Flipkart and other pages for details on what scent best describes you !


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yellow Sunshine

If only yellow and sunny came with cool breeze... like Summers in London or spring in Belgium. I remember Magnolia trees blossoming around our neighbourhood when I was a student on exchange.... Mumbai sunshine has been radiant - blessing us with un-welcomed warmth and light a.k.a Heat Sweat and Grime... If only summer, sunshine and yellow looked like this in Mumbai !

Inspired by our recent golden rays, enjoy a few of my sunny Etsy Faves ....
  1. Felt Kitty Planter by The Yarn Kitchen
  2. Letterpress Print by Thimblepress
  3. Retro Bikini by Rellik Vintage
  4. Yellow Tablecloth by Dreamzzzzz
  5. 80's Sunglasses by Fivestones Vintage
  6. Happy Mail Sticker Set by Pink Olive
  7. Crochet Hair Bow by Plexida
  8. Vintage Linen Napkins by Olive Someday

Images via Happiness Is by Shannone Eileen

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cherry Blossom Loving !

Four Things - inspired by the cherry blossoms coloring our city all shades of pink .... 

I sat there the whole of yesterday and today re-evaluating my small agency life. Sometimes start-ups can be tough, especially ones relating to Social Media. Each time I found myself wearing off on these beautiful Spring filled images and brought me back memories of my short lived stay in Japan during the Cherry Blossom seasons !

I want to do to you what Spring does with the cherry trees.

- Pablo Neruda


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